Putian Mayor Li Jianhui: “Our pair of shoes” can more release the potential of domestic demand

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(Interview between the two sessions) Putian Mayor Li Jianhui: “Our shoes” can release the potential of domestic demand.

China News Service, Beijing, March 10 (Reporter Lin Chunyin) “According to statistics, Last year, 4.5 billion pairs of footwear were consumed nationwide, and nearly 1 billion pairs were imported from abroad. This shows that our shoes are still mainly exported from OEM. The domestic consumption potential has not yet been fully released, and the high-end consumer market share is not high.”< /p>

Li Jianhui, a representative of the National People’s Congress and mayor of Putian City, Fujian, was interviewed by a reporter from Chinanews.com in Beijing on the 9th. He used a set of data to illustrate the necessity of the transformation and upgrading of China’s footwear industry and modernization of the industrial chain.

Putian Mayor Li Jianhui: “Our pair of shoes” can more release the potential of domestic demand

The picture shows the corporate display can be customized “Putian Smart Manufacturing” shoes. Photo by Zhang Bin

The footwear industry is Putian’s pillar industry and leading industry. There are more than 4,200 footwear companies in the city, with more than 500,000 employees, an output value of over 100 billion, and an output of 1.26 billion pairs, accounting for 13.5 billion nationwide. 9.3% of double. Taking Putian as an example, Li Jianhui pointed out that although Putian is a world-famous sports shoe manufacturing base with a history of intensive cultivation, craftsmanship for excellence, and a relatively complete industrial chain, it is at the bottom of the value chain and “makes a wedding dress for others.” What is earned is the “small profits” of OEM. Often we have produced world-brand shoes at low prices, but in turn, we bought them abroad at high prices.

Putian Mayor Li Jianhui: “Our pair of shoes” can more release the potential of domestic demand(1)

Putian encourages leading footwear enterprises to cooperate with Cooperate in other fields such as electronic information, clothing production, and e-commerce teams to create cross-border brands. The picture shows the female anchor recommending Putian shoes in the live broadcast room. Photo by Lu Ming

Li Jianhui combined Putian’s experience and suggested that in order to smooth the internal circulation chain and promote the modernization of the industrial chain, efforts should be focused on four aspects.

Putian Mayor Li Jianhui: “Our pair of shoes” can more release the potential of domestic demand(2)

At present, Putian is working hard to create a “world Top sports shoes R&D and manufacturing center”. The picture shows the “Wan Mi” brand experience store created by Putian Youth Home Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. Photo by Zhang Bin

The first is to make great efforts in brand building. There is manufacturing but no brand, and industry but no culture. This is the “pain” of traditional industries. Therefore, the Industrial Culture Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology regards industrial innovation, brand building, quality management, and intellectual property protection as its important work areas, gathering the power of culture and casting the soul of industry. In order to solve this problem, we encourage shoe companies to cooperate with brand trademarks, super IP, planning consulting, supply chain finance, etc., to apply new models, new formats, and implement alliances to create brands. On the other hand, it encourages leading footwear companies to cooperate with other fields such as electronic information, clothing production, and e-commerce teams to create cross-border brands.

The second is to build a platform. The number of small and scattered enterprises, the fragile supply chain and the lack of voice, and the lack of rapid market response capabilities are the “pain” that has plagued the breakthrough of traditional industries for a long time. To this end, we build an industrial Internet platform, gather elements, integrate resources, and build an ecosystem. In terms of centralized procurement, we have established a Zhongxielian supply chain service platform to open up collection and sales channels, information coordination in supporting orders, production, logistics and finance, and provide shoe companies with centralized procurement and matching transaction services. More than 5,000 companies have settled on the platform, with a cumulative transaction volume of more than 11 billion yuan, which has reduced costs by 5%, increased order delivery rate by 15%, and shortened delivery days by 5 days.

Putian Mayor Li Jianhui: “Our pair of shoes” can more release the potential of domestic demand(3)

The picture shows Putian Xinlu Sports Goods The workers of the limited company are producing OEM sports shoes. In order to cope with the increase in artificial prices, the local government encourages shoe companies to “machine for labor”, with a 20% subsidy from the city and district levels to help companies purchase semi-automated and automated machines. Photo by Zhang Bin

The third is to empower science and technology. Technological innovation is the key to building a domestic cycle. We have made full efforts in key materials, R&D and design, carried out key core technologies to “reveal the list”, research and develop high-end new materials such as shoe soles and fabrics. At the end of 2019, we were approved as a national new functional material industrial cluster; we established a shoe industry data center and established The foot type and shoe type database promotes the research and development of more precise and personalized products, which greatly improves the market fit of the products. At the same time, we have issued policies to encourage enterprises to increase R&D investment, and introduced a number of innovative carriers such as the New Engineering Industry College, the Southeast Information Technology Research Institute of BIT, the China Power Research Institute, the Heima Putian Branch, and the Putian Leadership Business School to establish China Feng Industry College, unimpeded the “introduction, education and use” of talents, to provide talent support for technological innovation in the shoe industry.

Fourth is to force policy support. The province took the lead in introducing the “white list” system for the footwear industry and introduced 10 new footwear industry in a timely manner. Last year, despite the impact of the epidemic, orders dropped by 30%, and still maintained steady growth. This year, 10 articles were issued to accelerate the high-quality development of the footwear industry, with an increase of 18% from January to February. Innovate the “Social Responsibility + Finance” model, develop an inclusive financial information service platform, integrate public data by importing the resources of the government, banks, enterprises, supervision and other four departments, build user profiles for shoe companies, and realize automatic approval and seconds for financial institutions Loan loans to get through the financing blockage of shoe companies. We have also set up a footwear industry fund with a total scale of 3 billion yuan to invest in local innovative enterprises and projects that improve the industrial foundation and industrial chain level. The first phase of investment of 100 million yuan has been completed. (End)