Repentance:Can the clothes I take off can be worn back?

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Wu Shuang, author of”Cognitive Methodology”; set up a”thinking class” Deep Thinking, thinking illuminates life.

Some people say that once a woman takes off her clothes, she can never wear it again.

There are many similar things:the girl vowed to lose weight without eating dinner, greedy once, and ended in failure; the man swears to quit smoking, only smokes one for comfort, and goes back to the past …

People always go to the opposite side of life one after another because of one wrong thing. Why do you miss a lifetime if you make a mistake once?

1. This is thinking tricks.

People often like to do two things:

First, I like to swear:I must always be pure, I must go to bed early and get up early …

Second, I like fantasy:if I win 100 million, I will be happy forever…

They are all It is an absolute thinking, thinking that the world is unchanging and certain. This can easily lead to failure.

Because you have your plan, the world has another plan, and the world is full of uncertainty.

2. This is a performance of low self-esteem.

People often equate themselves with one thing, such as fame, body… I stand on the top of the school building and swear to heaven”I am How to be xx, otherwise jump down&34;. I felt spineless at the time, but now it’s silly to think about it. How can grades be equated with life?

Li Bai said that my talents must be useful by nature, and I will come back after all my wealth is gone. Li Bai has said the true meaning of”I”. (Please see”Who Am I”).

3. Label yourself.

Once you set the goal of”guarantee”, as long as you make a mistake, you will The line of defense will be completely lost. Because we regard every failure to achieve the”guaranteed” goal as a failure, so we fail again and again, without confidence. We will feel that we are a loser. Negatively think that no one will give us any more. It’s a chance.

In the final analysis, this is a question of belief. As long as you change your beliefs, you can change yourself:

1. The world is not certain, it is uncertain.

The world The essence is uncertain, because it is too complicated. I have an in-depth analysis of this in”Why Superstitious People Do Great Things?”.

Since life is Uncertainty, then the countermeasures must be flexible. There are two things in the world:what you can control and what you cannot control. For what you cannot control, you must make the plan flexible. So no matter what happens, nothing I will blame myself, because this is expected.

2. I am not a thing, I am existence itself.


I am me, I am not a job, not a career, nor someone’s child.

I exist The reason does not depend on any external things or evaluations. I am not my values ​​and beliefs, and all that can be changed are not me. The value of my existence is existence itself, and no one can deny my meaning. So no matter what others say , Has nothing to do with”I”, this requires spiritual cultivation.

If you want to change the impression of others, as long as you insist on being yourself, others will change accordingly.

3. Life is not a finite game, but an infinite.

< p>In a finite game, one mistake is a failure. In an infinite game, success or failure is too early. Failure is only a new beginning, a step for progress. People have to build a coffin, but death is not only in this life. The end is the beginning of the afterlife.

With an infinite outlook on life, we don’t care about the gains and losses of the moment.

Okay, let us go up to eighty thousand miles:

< p>People not only have history, but also present and future.

Great thinkers know this well.

The Buddha said:Put down the butcher knife and become a Buddha.

Jesus said:As long as you truly repent, God will forgive you.

Lao Tzu said:Seek to get something, but to avoid guilt.

This is very easy to understand:as long as you repent, your heart will change, and you will not be who you were before. Although the previous sins you committed should be punished; but you cannot punish a”repent and innocent” now.

So far, there is an answer to whether the clothes that have been taken off can be worn back. Shu Qi said:I want to put on the clothes I took off, one by one. And she did it. So, repent, there is always an opportunity.

The whole network:Pay attention to”Oukaisheng” and grow towards the sun , We will finally be spring and autumn.