“Representative of Locomotive” Zhou Qinghe: It is recommended to support Zhuzhou to cultivate a world-class rail transit equipment industry cluster

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(Interview between the two sessions) Zhou Qinghe, “Locomotive Representative”: It is recommended to support Zhuzhou to cultivate a world-class rail transit equipment industry cluster

China News Service, Changsha, March 4th (Liu Manyan Changqing) was praised as ” Zhuzhou, Hunan, which is the “Capital of Electric Locomotives in China”, is the only pilot city in the country for the development of strategic emerging industries of rail transit equipment. The scale of rail transit equipment industry exceeded 100 billion yuan as early as 2015, and its products are exported to more than 70 countries on six continents. In and regions, electric locomotive products account for 27% of the global market share, ranking first in the world.

“Representative of Locomotive” Zhou Qinghe: It is recommended to support Zhuzhou to cultivate a world-class rail transit equipment industry cluster

Zhou Qinghe (front row one from left ) Investigate new EMU projects. Photo courtesy of CRRC Zhuzhou.

The representative of the National People’s Congress, the party secretary and chairman of CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CRRC Zhuzhou”), Zhou Qinghe, was named by everyone Known as “the representative of the locomotive”, this year’s two sessions of the country, his focus is still on the field of rail transit, and he brought “Recommendations on Supporting Zhuzhou’s Cultivation of World-Class Rail Transit Equipment Industrial Clusters.

In recent years, the Zhuzhou rail transit equipment industry has developed rapidly, and an industrial cluster has been formed with the coordinated development of complete machine manufacturing, core components, and key components. It brings together CRRC Zhuzhou Machinery, CRRC Zhuzhou Research Institute, and CRRC More than 300 key enterprises and supporting enterprises such as Zhuzhou Electric, Liancheng Group, and Jiufang Equipment have formed an innovative rail transportation equipment enterprise cluster with tens of billions of enterprises as the leader, one billion enterprises as the support, and technology-based small, medium and micro enterprises as the foundation. District; the country’s strongest rail transit equipment R&D team led by three academicians Liu Youmei, Ding Rongjun, and Tian Hongqi, and the National Advanced Rail Transit Equipment Innovation Center and other innovation platforms have been gathered.

Zhou Qinghe introduced that this cluster is the first rail transit equipment industrial cluster in China that has exceeded 100 billion yuan in output value. It can provide various rail transit users from rail transit devices, components, systems to complete machines, The full life cycle system solutions of large systems cover almost all areas of the industry, with a local matching rate of over 80%, and the industry’s concentration is the first in the world. In 2020, the output value of Zhuzhou rail transit industry will exceed 160 billion yuan.

Currently, the backbone enterprises of the Zhuzhou rail transit equipment industry cluster are working on new IGBTs, electronic transformers, high-speed axles and other “stuck neck” technologies. The national advanced rail transit initiated by 12 rail transit equipment companies in Hunan The Equipment Innovation Center is also organizing breakthroughs in key common technologies such as hydraulic magnetic circuit breakers for driverless driving, high-voltage DC contactors for traction converters, wireless passive sensors, and basic valves for braking systems.

“The world’s rail transit equipment multinational companies have accelerated their strong alliances through mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations. For example, Bombardier and Alstom have completed the merger of rail transit equipment business, greatly enhancing their own competitiveness. “Zhou Qinghe said that compared with its counterparts in the world, China still needs to make efforts in basic research, basic materials, certification, experimental verification, accumulation of international business experience, and business models.

Zhou Qinghe suggested that the state give priority to cultivating Zhuzhou’s advanced rail transit equipment industry cluster as a world-class advanced manufacturing cluster, and support Hunan to establish a national industrial design and research institute in the field of rail transit, and provide financial support; At the same time, it supports Zhuzhou to establish a national market supervision technology innovation center (in the field of rail transit), build a national rail transit equipment testing and certification base, and provide support in the acquisition of inspection, testing and certification accreditation qualifications. (End)