Research: Heat wave impacts damage to European crops and scales up

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China News Service, March 31. According to a report by Taiwan’s “United News Network” on the 30th, a Portuguese research team recently discovered that in the past 50 years, heat waves or droughts in Europe have led to increased crop damage. If things go on like this, it may affect the food supply in Europe and even cause food prices to rise.

Research: Heat wave impacts damage to European crops and scales up


p > According to reports, the results of this research were published in the “Environmental Research Letters” (Environmental Research Letters), a well-known journal in the field of international environmental science. Researchers analyzed past data to study the impact of extreme weather events in Europe on overall crop yields and harvests from 1964 to 2015. The geographic scope includes the United Kingdom, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. The analyzed crops include barley, corn and fresh Fruits and vegetables, etc.

According to the report, the research team found after analyzing many European countries that compared with 1964 to 1990, the impact of heat waves or drought on local crop production increased several times from 1991 to 2015. .

Researcher Blas pointed out, “We mainly analyze the impact of extreme weather disasters, because this phenomenon will have a significant impact on crop yields and price increases.”