Secretary for the Civil Service of Hong Kong:refusal to sign a sworn statement, nearly 200 civil servants in Hong Kong must resign

By yqqlm yqqlm

Source:Global Times

[Global Times Special Correspondent in Hong Kong Yang Weimin] In January this year, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government required full-time civil servants to take an oath or sign a statement within four weeks. Demonstrates support for the Basic Law and allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and the relevant deadline has ended at the end of February. The implementation of the oath has always attracted attention from all parties.

According to a Hong Kong Oriental Daily News report on the 8th, Nie Dequan, director of the Hong Kong Civil Service Bureau, revealed that nearly 200 people did not sign the sworn statement. He said that current civil servants who need to sign the declaration must submit the declaration at the end of last month. The relevant department is collecting relevant information and then reporting to the Civil Service Bureau. At present, there are about 100 to 200 people who have not signed the declaration, but the specific distribution and figures are not yet known. The incident will be explained to the Legislative Council in April. For civil servants who have not signed, Nie Dequan said that they will follow up in accordance with the mechanism. These people refuse to assume basic responsibilities, which will cause the government to lose confidence in them. After the procedures for understanding the reasons are carried out, the relevant persons must leave the civil service. He bluntly said that it is a personal choice not to accept the signing of the declaration and to leave. It is not a bad thing for the civil service team. Those who stay in the team should clearly understand their roles and responsibilities to serve the citizens and implement the”one country, two systems”.

Sing Tao Daily stated that the SAR government requires civil servants to take an oath or make a statement. One of the fuse may be related to the frequent participation of some civil servants in social and political movements. In mid-to-late January, Yan Wuzhou, chairman of the”New Civil Service Union”, confirmed that he had resigned from his position as Assistant Labor Affairs Officer. Yan Wuzhou said that the sworn statement was only one of the reasons for his resignation. It is reported that in 2019, he established the”New Civil Servants Union” and served as its chairman. He once initiated a gathering of civil servants and asked the SAR government to respond to the so-called”appeals.” After the government asked civil servants to swear allegiance, the”New Civil Servants Union” immediately announced its dissolution, claiming that it was to protect the information of its members.

Civil servants are an important part of the governance team of the SAR government, and they are absolutely responsible for upholding the Basic Law and implementing”One Country, Two Systems”. According to Hong Kong public opinion, the oath or signature of a civil servant is not just a short oath or a piece of paper, but is actually of great significance. It collectively demonstrates the loyalty and commitment of civil servants to support the Basic Law and allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It is a public confirmation and true manifestation of the responsibilities they need to bear, and helps to further protect, consolidate and promote the core values ​​that the civil servants should abide by. And to ensure that the SAR government can effectively govern.