The 10th Anniversary of the “March 11” Earthquake held online

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China News Service, Tokyo, March 8 (Reporter Lv Shaowei) The Chinese Embassy in Japan held an online exchange meeting for the 10th anniversary of the “March 11 Earthquake” on the 7th to commemorate the “March 11 Earthquake” At the 10th anniversary, the exchanges and mutual understanding between the young generations of China and Japan will be enhanced at the same time.

Chinese Ambassador to Japan Kong Xuanyou said in a video speech that the earthquake ten years ago allowed many young people in the disaster-stricken areas of Japan to grow up overnight, and it also made the young people of China and Japan closely linked.

The 10th Anniversary of the “March 11” Earthquake held online

On March 5, a device called “Wind’s Telephone Booth” appeared in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, where people can “call” relatives who died in the “3.11” earthquake.

Kong Xuanyou said that the foundation of Sino-Japanese friendship lies in the people, and the future lies in the youth. The current Sino-Japanese relations continue to improve and develop. The leaders of the two countries have reached an important consensus on building Sino-Japanese relations that meet the requirements of the new era. Sino-Japanese relations in the new era are facing new development opportunities. The Sino-Japanese friendship in the new era calls for the continuous joining of fresh blood. And the new champions stand out. I sincerely hope that everyone will shoulder the historical mission of inheriting the friendship between China and Japan from generation to generation, and in the promotion of China-Japan exchanges and cooperation, they will sway their youth, harvest growth and realize their dreams. Continue this tribulation made by the earthquake disaster forever, and let the branches of friendship flourish and grow towering.

Former Japanese ambassador to China and acting d’affaires of the President of the Japan-China Friendship Hall Yuji Miyamoto believes that the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake and the 2011 “March 11th Earthquake” between Japan and China have deepened their mutual assistance. The mutual understanding and friendship between the people of the country hope that the two sides can further strengthen cooperation in the fields of disaster prevention and epidemic prevention. He said that he hopes that through this exchange, Japan-China cooperation in the field of disaster prevention can be further deepened, and he hopes that Japan-China cooperation in this field can be extended to the entire Asia and the world. Because disaster prevention, like epidemic prevention, requires all mankind to work together to face it.

The 10th Anniversary of the “March 11” Earthquake held online(1)


p >In the event, more than ten Japanese youth representatives who were invited by the Chinese government to travel to China for recuperation after the “March 11th Earthquake” and the Chinese youth representatives who participated in the reception had online exchanges, revisited their acquaintances, and shared their growth experiences. Looking forward to future life, talk freely about the understanding and expectation of Sino-Japanese friendship and youth exchanges. (End)