“The Eye of the Storm” chief screenwriter Liang Zhenhua: choose real cases as the basis for creation

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China News Service, March 1st. Gao Chen is the chief producer, Liang Zhenhua is the chief screenwriter and producer, and the TV series “Eye of the Storm” starring Yang Mi, Zhang Binbin, Liu Ruilin, and Dyss is now on the air. Recently, Gao Chen and Liang Zhenhua were interviewed by the media.

“The Eye of the Storm” chief screenwriter Liang Zhenhua: choose real cases as the basis for creation

About “The Eye of the Storm” The national security workers represented by Jing Jing (played by Yang Mi) and Ma Shang (played by Zhang Binbin) have worked hard to detect technology theft cases and protect the country’s rare resources and important scientific research technology from being stolen.

In the play, the National Security Scout Jingan and Ma Shang jointly performed a special reconnaissance mission code-named “The Eye of the Storm”. During the detection of the case, they discovered that this was not only a synthesis technology for rare ore materials. The theft case also involves the massive smuggling of rare mineral resources. In the process of searching for the truth of the incident, the two closely cooperated with their comrades, echoed internally and externally, stripped the key information of the case, approached the truth layer by layer, and finally successfully defended the safety of the country’s rare ore resources and the artificial synthesis technology of rare ore materials.

Gao Chen said that “The Eye of the Storm” aims to show the bravery and fearlessness of the national security fighters in the face of severe challenges, their steadfastness in defending national security and interests, and their warmth when dealing with their families. Bit by bit and the selfless dedication of “letting the little home for everyone”.

Liang Zhenhua introduced that the play has been planned since 2010, and the script has been created for 9 years, during which time the draft has been changed five times. The play fills the vacancy in the detailed genre of contemporary anti-spy dramas, focusing on contemporary national security and national security workers from a delicate perspective. In order to strictly keep secrets, they cannot easily reveal their identities to their biological parents. Just as Ma Shang expressed emotion in “The Eye of the Storm”, “I play other people most of the time” and “the person who stares at the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you.”

Liang Zhenhua mentioned that traditional anti-spy dramas usually have a very distinctive sense of age, while “The Eye of the Storm” selects real cases from the current context as the basis for its creation to show the audience a sense of age. There is no battle of gunpowder smoke in the field.