The first female traffic policeman to stand on guard in Xinzhou, Shanxi: 26 years of “yi” traffic management

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Xinzhou, China News Service, March 8th, title: The first female traffic policeman to stand on guard in Xinzhou, Shanxi: 26 years of “yi” traffic management.

On March 8, Zhang Jinlan was at work Received the “National March 8th Red Banner Bearer” honorary certificate and medal. After graduating from the police academy in 1996, she became the first female traffic policeman in Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province to direct traffic at the station, and many years later she became the first and only female captain in the history of Xinzhou traffic police.

The scorching sun over the head directs traffic and clears the way for pregnant women with police cars… For 26 years, Zhang Jinlan has always fulfilled her “excellent police dream” with practical actions.

“The test at work has strengthened my confidence and determination to love my job and work harder.” During the 2013 high school entrance examination, Zhang Jinlan was responsible for the nursing attendance at the section of Xinzhou North Middle School and the Second Experimental Primary School. At that time, there was heavy rain and water accumulated in many places. To ensure the safety of students, Zhang Jinlan led the police to direct traffic in the knee-less rain. The pouring rain soaked her clothes and pants, and she did not care; some students could not cross the road because of the stagnant water, so she and her colleagues crossed the road with their students on their backs.

The first female traffic policeman to stand on guard in Xinzhou, Shanxi: 26 years of “yi” traffic management

In February of this year, Zhang Jinlan was taken across the country The Women’s Federation awarded the title of “National March 8th Red Banner Bearer”. Photo courtesy of Xinzhou Public Security Bureau

In 2012, Zhang Jinlan was appointed as the deputy captain of the traffic police detachment directly under the Xinzhou Public Security Bureau through an open competition. In 2017, he was appointed as the captain and became the first in the history of Xinzhou Public Security Traffic Police. He is also the only female captain. In addition to daily traffic order management, the investigation and management of hidden hazards at the source of key vehicles such as “two passengers and one danger” has also become an important task for her.

Since 2019, Zhang Jinlan has led a team to Shandong, Hebei and many places in the province to help transportation companies in the jurisdiction successfully recover and escort back more than ten hazardous chemical scrap vehicles that have been lost for many years, as well as being privately The dismantled frame number and engine number cut parts help companies eliminate potential safety hazards from the source.

In the work, Zhang Jinlan rushes to the front line in everything. There is no feminine weakness, but feminine tenderness is revealed in the perseverance. One day in July 2019, she was on duty at the intersection and saw a little girl driving an electric tricycle with a woman sitting in the car. Zhang Jinlan stopped the car and learned that the little girl driving the electric tricycle was only 9 years old.

“The mother and daughter picked fruits in their own orchard early that morning, and then rushed from the village to the city, hoping to sell the fruits smoothly. Due to the inconvenience of her legs and feet, the little girl and her mother took turns driving a tricycle. “After learning of these circumstances, Zhang Jinlan, after seriously criticizing and educating the mother and daughter for their behavior, helped them sell fruit.

After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, Zhang Jinlan led all the police on the road to conduct epidemic prevention and control inspections. She insisted on arriving early every day, eating instant noodles to satisfy her hunger when she was hungry, resting in the car when she was sleepy, and pacing when she was cold Trot, work more than 12 hours a day.

After being transferred to the safety section of the traffic police detachment of the Xinzhou Public Security Bureau in July 2020, Zhang Jinlan went to various places in Xinzhou to investigate road traffic safety hazards, and went to large enterprises to check the implementation of the safety system, often unable to go home for several days. .

Regardless of whether it is in the grassroots brigade or the department or department, Zhang Jinlan’s various work performances can be among the best. She led the formation of the July 1 Women’s Post which was awarded the “Third Class Collective Merit” and the honorary titles of “National March 8th Red Flag Collective”, “Shanxi Provincial Women’s Civilization Post”, “Shanxi Provincial Youth Civilization” and other honorary titles.

In February this year, Zhang Jinlan was awarded the title of “National March 8th Red Banner Bearer” by the All-China Women’s Federation. (End)