The first wax figure of Jiang Shuying was unveiled in Wuhan and named “Xiaojiang”

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The first wax figure of Jiang Shuying was unveiled in Han Dynasty and named “Xiaojiang”

The first wax figure of Jiang Shuying was unveiled in Wuhan and named “Xiaojiang”

Jiang Shuying and the wax figure (right). Photo courtesy of Jiang Shuying Studio

Wuhan Evening News (Reporter Liu Hang) On the afternoon of March 8, “post-80s” actor Jiang Shuying appeared at the Madame Tussauds in Wuhan as her first wax figure Unveiled.

Because of appearing in many film and television dramas such as “To Our Dying Youth”, “Mr. Love” and “Thirty Only”, Jiang Shuying has won the love of many audiences. The unveiling ceremony was specially selected to be held during the cherry blossom season to help spring flowers bloom in Wuhan. This is also the first wax figure newly opened in the Madame Tussauds Wuhan this year.

On the same day, Jiang Shuying visited the wax figures in the museum and took a close photo with the wax figures such as Audrey Hepburn and George Clooney. He also experienced the process of making cherry blossom wax hands in the wax hands area. Screaming “It’s amazing!” Later, she became the first “tourist” to check in in front of the background wall of the spring goddess-themed electronic photo specially customized by Madame Tussauds in Wuhan. It is understood that the spring goddess theme electronic photo background wall is the latest check-in point launched by Madame Tussauds Wuhan in the cherry blossom season, and visitors can experience it when they enter the museum.

During the epidemic prevention and control period, Jiang Shuying once posted on Weibo to cheer for medical staff in Wuhan. Xiao Zhou, a medical staff member who interacted with her, came to the event site. Xiao Zhou printed the Weibo screenshots forwarded by Jiang Shuying into photos and invited her to sign on the photos. “During the epidemic, the Weibo reposted by Jiang Jiang gave me a lot of encouragement. I will treasure this signed photo.”

As the ambassador of “Smart Youth”, Jiang Shuying in 2018 Once accompanied the former British Prime Minister Theresa May to visit Wuhan University, the Yellow Crane Tower and other places. This is her second time to Wuhan. “The cherry blossoms did not bloom when I came to Wuhan last time. This time, the cherry blossoms in the whole city are in bloom. If you have a chance, you must visit it.” Jiang Shuying talked about her deep impression of Wuhan. Use the keyword “hot” to describe: “Wuhan hot dried noodles are delicious, and the people of Wuhan are also very enthusiastic. I like it very much.”

After the wax figure was unveiled, Jiang Shuying took it for “she”. The name “Xiaojiang”, “Because Wuhan is’Jiang City’ and my name also has’Jiang’, just call her’Xiaojiang’, I’m’Lao Jiang’.” The funny words caused the audience to laugh. .

According to the staff of Madame Tussauds in Wuhan, Jiang Shuying was invited to settle in Tussauds in 2018. After nearly three years, the wax figure finally met with you. According to the plan, most of this year, the wax figure of Jiang Shuying will be on display in the Madame Tussauds in Wuhan, where tourists and friends can visit.