The ministers before the NPC and CPPCC made a big voice to release these livelihood signals   

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China News Service, Beijing, March 3 (Reporter Li Jinlei) From February 22 to March 2, the State Council Information Office held 9 press conferences one after another. All these 9 press conferences have related departments. The “top leaders” attended the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Transport, and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission.

For the real estate, delayed retirement, pensions, food security, commodity prices, 5G tariffs and other topics that common people are concerned about, officials from relevant departments have given authoritative responses and released important signals.

The ministers before the NPC and CPPCC made a big voice to release these livelihood signals   

Guo Shuqing, Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission Attended the press conference of the State Council Information Office on March 2. Photo by Chinanews reporter Li Jinlei

“Many people buy houses and invest and speculate. This is very dangerous!”

In January 2021, the price increase in 70 cities increased from the previous month. . In the face of the property market heating up, Shenzhen, Shanghai and other places have introduced a new round of property market regulation and control policies.

For the current risks in the real estate sector, Guo Shuqing, Chairman of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, said bluntly at the press conference on March 2: “Many people buy houses not for living, but for investment or speculation. This is very dangerous. Because of holding so many real estates, if the market goes down in the future, personal property will suffer a lot of losses. If the loan is not repaid, the bank will not be able to collect the loan, principal and interest, and economic life will be greatly chaotic. Therefore, we must actively and steadily promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market.”

Guo Shuqing said: “The problem of real estate should be said that the tendency of financialization and bubbleization is still relatively strong, but last year the loans invested in real estate increased. For the first time, the growth rate has fallen below the average loan growth rate. This achievement is hard-won. We believe that the real estate problem will gradually get better.”

“Now we are also taking a series of further measures. “One city, one policy”, the introduction of comprehensive real estate control measures, the purpose is to stabilize land prices, stabilize housing prices, stabilize expectations, and gradually solve the real estate problem.” Guo Shuqing said.

The ministers before the NPC and CPPCC made a big voice to release these livelihood signals   (1)

February 26, The State Council Information Office held a press conference on employment and social security. Photo by Li Jinlei, a reporter from Chinanews.com

I am studying the specific reform plan for delaying retirement

The Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee has clearly implemented the progressive delay of the statutory retirement age. Delaying the retirement age involves the vital interests of the majority of employees, so any turmoil about delaying retirement is the focus of public attention.

At the press conference on February 26, Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Security You Jun revealed that the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security is currently studying specific reform plans in conjunction with relevant departments. The plan should not only draw on international practices and experience, but also fully consider our country’s actual national conditions, cultural traditions, and historical evolution.

You Jun said that in the process of research and formulation of the plan, opinions from all quarters will be extensively listened to, suggestions from all walks of life will be fully absorbed, social consensus must be obtained, and the greatest common divisor must be obtained to ensure that the plan is scientifically feasible , Smooth implementation.

The ministers before the NPC and CPPCC made a big voice to release these livelihood signals   (2)

Personal pension will be launched System

Delayed retirement is on the line, and the personal pension system as the third pillar of the pension insurance system is also ready to emerge.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security stated that the general consideration is to establish a personal pension system based on the account system, voluntary participation by individuals, and taxation support from the state finance, and the formation of a market-oriented personal pension system for investment and operation. To launch.

Guo Shuqing said that China is a developing country with an emerging market economy, but it has quickly entered an aging society. Now the population over 65 has accounted for more than 12%. People nowadays are different from the past, and they are still unwilling to increase the birth rate. This is a big challenge. We will develop the third-pillar pension insurance.

Luo Xi, chairman of the People’s Insurance Group of China, pointed out that the role of the third pillar is different. It has its distinctive features: First, it provides a channel and a way for high-income individuals to provide for the elderly. The second is to provide a kind of old-age insurance for emerging businesses, new employees, and employees in various ways. This is a commercial guarantee. The third is to promote the healthy development of the capital market through long-term pension insurance funds.

Pension funds can be paid on time and in full

Last year, in order to reduce the burden on enterprises, my country reduced and exempted 1.54 trillion yuan in corporate social insurance premiums with unprecedented efforts, which had a certain impact on pension funds. , There are a few provinces that put more pressure on pension payments.

Can pensions be paid on time and in full in the future? Zhang Jinan, Minister of Human Resources and Social Security, gave a “reassurance pill”: “Please rest assured that we can ensure that the pension is paid on time and in full.” There are channels for subsidies, value-added, and long-term reserves. In addition, on the basis of achieving provincial-level overall planning, it is also speeding up the research and implementation of national overall pension insurance, which will further improve the anti-risk ability of pension funds.

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A policy will be introduced to support families The construction of elderly care beds

Compared with community elderly care and institutional elderly care, most elderly people in China are still more willing to choose home care. The challenge of time and professional ability, there has also been a phenomenon that a disabled elderly person in the family will bring down a family.

According to statistics, in 5-10 years, the first generation of only children in the country will enter the middle and senior ages. my country will usher in a wave of elderly care, and elderly care services will face greater challenges and tests.

How to improve the level of support for the elderly? Gao Xiaobing, vice minister of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, stated at a press conference on February 23 that in recent years, some areas have explored the development of “family elderly care beds” as a new type of elderly care service. As far as the elderly are concerned, the first is to save the bed fee for the aged care in the institution, and at the same time get the professional services of the aged care in the institution, and they can also receive professional services in the environment they are familiar with.

It is reported that the next step is to formulate norms and standards for home care beds and include them in the scope of supervision of care services. It is also necessary to lay out well-being care institutions as support points and introduce policies to support the construction of home care beds. , In this way can effectively serve the family pension.

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“We are capable Keeping one’s own rice bowls”

Food security is the greatest in the country. Everything is easy, eating is a big deal. Food prices have generally risen last year, and many countries in the world have tightened their “grain bags”. Is China’s food security guaranteed?

Tang Renjian, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, stated at a press conference on February 22 that my country’s annual grain harvest reached 1,339 billion jin last year, a record high, an increase of more than 100 over the previous year. Billion catties. The inventory of the whole society is very abundant at present, so the production and sales are good, and the inventory is good. “I can tell you very responsibly that China’s food security is completely guaranteed, and we have the ability to secure our jobs.” Tang Renjian said that the next step will be to “grow teeth”. Hard measures, implement the most stringent arable land protection system, resolutely curb the “non-agriculturalization” of arable land and prevent the “non-grainization” of arable land, and firmly maintain the red line of 1.8 billion acres of arable land. At the same time, we should protect and make good use of the giant pandas in the cultivated land of the black land, especially the large granary in the northeast.

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Pork market supply is the most tight The period has passed

Pork is the most important food on the Chinese table, and it is also the focus of people’s livelihood. The price of pork once dropped at the end of 2020, but there will be a wave of rise before the Spring Festival in 2021. Can the public this year Eat cheaper pork?

In this regard, Tang Renjian said that since last year, China has taken a number of measures to support the restoration of pig production capacity and stabilize pig production and market supply. By the end of 2020, the pig stock has recovered to more than 92% of the normal year. Prices have risen around the Spring Festival, but the rate of increase is not as large as in the previous period. As the newly added live pig production capacity is realized as pork production, the most tight period of pork market supply has passed, and the supply-demand relationship will become more and more relaxed in the later period.

Tang Renjian pointed out that in the first quarter of this year, that is, around March, the production capacity of live pigs will increase by about 40% over the same period of the previous year. By around June, the live pig inventory can be restored to the level of the normal year of 2017. In the second half of this year, slaughter of pigs and pork supply will gradually return to normal annual levels.

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The future 5G tariff level will remain Will further decline

Currently, China has gradually entered the 5G era, and 5G network construction has been rapidly launched.

Minister of Industry and Information Technology Xiao Yaqing said at a press conference on March 1 that from a domestic perspective, more than 718,000 5G base stations have been built, and 5G investment has exceeded several hundred billion yuan. Now it has basically covered the whole country. All cities above prefecture level. The scale of users has also risen rapidly, with the number of 5G terminal connections exceeding 200 million, which may be the world’s number one.

For the 5G tariff issue that everyone is concerned about, Xiao Yaqing said that 5G service satisfaction is higher than that of 4G in the same period of development. The average mobile Internet access traffic per household is about 50% higher than that of 4G users, and the unit price has now dropped to 4.4 yuan per GB. It has fallen by 46% in the past two years, and it will fall further in the future. (End)