The new crown vaccine is in short supply in many parts of the United States. Volunteers give priority to vaccination to cause controversy

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China News Service, March 10th. According to a report by Qiaobao.com, as many states in the United States increase the distribution of new crown vaccines, in order to ensure the smooth operation of vaccination sites, volunteers usually have priority in getting vaccinations. However, this has raised doubts from many Americans. They believe that the current supply of vaccines is limited, and it is unfair that many volunteers who only need to do paperwork have access to vaccination opportunities.

The new crown vaccine is in short supply in many parts of the United States. Volunteers give priority to vaccination to cause controversy

On February 5, local time, staff at the COVID-19 vaccination site at Yankee Stadium in New York conducted temperature and safety checks for citizens who came to vaccinate. On the same day, the New York Yankee Stadium was opened as a mass vaccination site for the new crown vaccine.

It is reported that volunteers at the vaccination site need to complete all the tasks in the vaccination process-from directing traffic to helping the vaccinators sign in, so that the vaccination site can run smoothly. In return, volunteers are usually given the opportunity to be vaccinated. Many people who are not eligible for vaccination, such as young and healthy people, may choose to volunteer in order to get the opportunity to be vaccinated.

At the vaccination site in Seattle, the Swedish Medical Center in Washington included volunteers as the first batch of vaccinators in the state. Bommers, the center’s quality director and head of the vaccination center, said that about 5,000 people were vaccinated, and about 1,000 of them chose to continue to work as volunteers.

Bommers said: “We cannot complete vaccination without volunteers. If we want to complete the vaccination, the center needs 320 staff members every day.”

35-year-old Ben Duden From Roanoke, Virginia, volunteering at a mass vaccination site in nearby Salem. His wife is a nurse in charge of vaccinations, and she encourages Duden to volunteer so that he can get vaccinations.

Duden said that the idea of ​​“you can get a vaccine by volunteering” may be a bit selfish, but this is not the only reason for him to be a volunteer.

The new crown vaccine is in short supply in many parts of the United States. Volunteers give priority to vaccination to cause controversy(1)


p > On February 16, local time, the mass vaccination station set up at Oakland Stadium, California, was opened to qualified people. This vaccination station will provide 6000 doses of vaccine every day.

However, this has aroused people’s doubts, because the current supply of vaccines is limited, and some Americans cannot get the vaccine even if they are eligible. But medical ethicists say that volunteers are the key to public health work and they should be protected.

Nancy Berliner, a bioethicist at the Hastings Center, a bioethics research institution, said that in the final analysis, volunteers need to interact with the public, and there is nothing wrong with them in wanting to be protected.

Beringe said that although many volunteers need several hours during the workday shift, it does not mean that only a certain class of groups have time to volunteer. She said: “Volunteer working hours may apply to students, unemployed and retirees, and may also apply to those who need to take care of their families.”

67-year-old retired lover Lovell From 10 pm to 6 am, volunteered at a stadium vaccination spot in the suburbs of Phoenix and received Pfizer vaccines. Lovell said: “For the first time, I felt that I was very important and what I did was also very important.” Lovell said that he wanted to be a volunteer again.

This stadium and another vaccination site in Phoenix require a total of 3,900 volunteers each week. Hands On Greater Phoenix, a non-profit organization that handles online volunteer recruitment, opens 1,400 to 2,000 places each time. The CEO of the organization, Oliver, said that people are very interested in this. Every time a new place opens, there are 1 Ten thousand to 15,000 people try to sign up.