The number of victims in the Egyptian train crash is revised down to 19, and another 185 injured

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China News Service, March 28. According to foreign media reports, two passenger trains in Egypt collided in the Takhta area of ​​Sohag Province on the 26th. According to official data, the accident caused 32 deaths and 165 people. Injured. On the 27th local time, the Minister of Health of Egypt stated in a statement that the number of deaths caused by the accident has been temporarily revised down to 19 and the number of injured has been revised up to 185.

The number of victims in the Egyptian train crash is revised down to 19, and another 185 injured


p > On March 26, local time, two trains collided in the Tata district of Sohag Province, 460 kilometers away from Cairo in southern Egypt. The picture shows people entering the twisted carriage looking for survivors.

According to reports, Egypt’s Minister of Health, Harley Zayed, stated that “after we carefully studied the details of the casualties”, current statistics show that the accident caused 19 deaths and 185 injuries.

Zayed also said that at the time of the incident, some of the victims who were unconscious at the scene were mistakenly believed to have died. The Egyptian Prosecutor’s Office stated that it has ordered an investigation into the accident.

According to previous media reports, at noon on the 26th local time, a train 157 from Luxor to Alexandria passed through Malaga and Tahta stations. The emergency braking system of some cars It was opened by an unidentified person, causing the train to stop. Subsequently, a train from Aswan to Cairo collided with the stopped train from behind, causing two passenger carriages, a locomotive and a power carriage to derail.

After the accident, President Sisi said that those who caused the train collision will be punished immediately. He expressed his condolences to the families of the victims and wished the injured a speedy recovery. He also emphasized the government’s willingness to prevent similar tragedies from happening again. He said that the victimized family will receive compensation.