The U.S. Attorney General will launch an accelerated review to strengthen the collection of hate crime data

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China News Service, March 31. According to Reuters, hate crimes against Asian Americans are increasing in the United States. US Attorney General Garland announced on the 30th local time that he will launch a 30-day “accelerated review.” To study how the Ministry of Justice is working to strengthen data collection for prosecuting hate crimes and such incidents.

Since taking over the department earlier this month, Garland stated in his first memo to employees that he hopes to find ways to improve hate crime reports, “prioritize criminal investigations and prosecutions,” and communicate with civil authorities Cooperation to resolve cases of prejudice that may not rise to the statutory definition of hate crime.

The U.S. Attorney General will launch an accelerated review to strengthen the collection of hate crime data


p > On March 27, local time, a large number of people in San Francisco, California, USA took to the streets to protest against discrimination and violence against Asians. On the same day, protests and rallies against discrimination against Asians broke out in many places in the United States. Photo by Liu Guanguan, a reporter from China News Service

Garland said that the recent increase in hate crimes “needs to reinvest in efforts to focus on investigations and prosecutions, strengthen community services, and enhance data collection. It is essential to understand the evolutionary nature and extent of hate crimes and various forms of hate incidents.”

According to data from the Center for the Study of Hatred and Extremism, compared with 2019, the rate of hate crimes against Asians in 16 major cities in the United States has increased by at least 145% in 2020.

Since the outbreak, discrimination and hate crimes against Asian Americans have increased significantly in the United States. On March 16, 2021, 3 shootings occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, killing 8 people, including 6 Asian women. The incident once again triggered condemnation in the United States, with demonstrations and protests held across the United States demanding an end to violence against Asians.