The uncle of the Jiangsu female auxiliary police questioned:the court refused the family to appoint a defense lawyer, saying that it had appointed a legal aid lawyer

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Xin’an Evening News Anhui Net Dawan News recently, the”Jiangsu Female Auxiliary Police Extortion Case” has been attracting attention. In 2020 In December, the Guannan County Court found that the defendant Xu was guilty of racketeering and extortion, sentenced to 13 years in prison and fined 5 million yuan. At present, Xu has filed an appeal. However, on the night of March 17, Xu’s family members’ utterances sparked discussion. Xu’s uncle, Mr. Li, said that his family had appointed two defense lawyers to defend Xu’s second instance, but the court informed that two legal aid lawyers had been assigned according to Xu’s wishes, which made them unable to understand.

The family member’s lawyer was rejected. Has the court appointed a legal aid lawyer?

On the night of March 17, a Weibo netizen named”The Family of Female Auxiliary Police Officer Xu” posted a post claiming that he was the defendant in the case of”Blackmailing Several Public Officials Female Auxiliary Police”. ‘S uncle, who was commissioned by Xu’s parents to express his feelings and demands as a family member.

Uncle Xu said that at present, Xu has appealed. Judging from the judgments circulating on the Internet, there are still many doubts. Therefore, the family members specially entrusted two lawyers, Deng Xueping and Du Jiaqian in Shanghai, to work for Xu. Defense at the second instance.

On March 15th, after his family completed the entrustment procedures for full rights, lawyer Du Jiaqian went to the detention center, hoping to meet Xu, but was told, Lianyungang City Intermediate People’s Court has assigned two legal aid lawyers and rejected the family’s request to meet with lawyers entrusted by them.”We did not know in advance that the court did not communicate with the family.” Uncle Xu said that on March 16, lawyer Du Jiaqian negotiated with the Lianyungang City Intermediate People’s Court on the matter of entrusting a lawyer to defend. But the Lianyungang City Intermediate Court still refused. On March 17, lawyer Deng Xueping also came to the Lianyungang Intermediate People’s Court to negotiate, but was also rejected by the Lianyungang Intermediate People’s Court.

“The lawyer told us that the court said that two legal aid lawyers had been entrusted, and there were no defense quotas, and that it was my niece’s own wishes, but did not provide any written materials to prove their claims. We also refused our request to verify whether the legal aid lawyer is my niece’s true wishes.” said Uncle Xu.

On the morning of March 18, Uncle Xu told reporters from Xin’an Evening News, Anhui Net, and Dawan that his family had quite doubts about this, and the logic was unreasonable.”The first instance was the lawyer commissioned by our family with money, and the first trial was so heavy. She appealed in court. How did the second instance prevent our family from appointing a lawyer, and instead willingly accept the assistance lawyer appointed by the court?” p>

Family members questioned the facts of the”extortion” case

“I haven’t seen her for almost 2 years. She is a very lively person.” Xu Mou’s uncle and Mr. Li Tell reporters from Xin’an Evening News, Anhui Net, and Dawan News that Xu has been very enthusiastic since she was a child. For example, when she saw other parents beating a child, she would go forward and pull it apart. If there is something delicious in her hand, she would share it with the child.

Therefore, when the family saw the verdict circulating on the Internet, they were”stupid.” Mr. Li said that he and Xu’s parents had never seen the verdict, and only learned of Xu from the first-instance defense lawyer. A was sentenced to 13 years, even a fine of 5 million yuan, only to find out after seeing the online verdict.”5 million yuan, her family will not have 10,000 yuan left in a year. The parents rely on farming, the three siblings, and the father can do odd jobs, more than 100 yuan a day, and the mother takes medicine every month for heart disease. , Seven or eight hundred yuan, and my younger brother is still in school.”

As for the facts and results of the case stated in the verdict, Mr. Li said that his family members had great doubts and felt dissatisfied.”The so-called extortion has a lot of suspicious points. For example, she and Liu Bing have been together for several years, and they have a lot of money, ranging from several thousand to several hundred thousand. Do these constitute extortion? Those so-called victims, in Our county is full of people with good looks and even her immediate superiors. Could it be that the leaders used any means of oppression and coercion against her, or did anything to prevent her from speaking out, and give the money?’Hanging fee‘? We don’t know these.”

Uncle Xu said that Xu’s parents still believe that these are Public officials bullied their daughter, and they dragged her into the water. She was just an auxiliary police officer. Before she became an auxiliary police officer, she was only working in the hospital. These”victims” were all leaders. It is very likely that the boss used her position to induce and coerce her into a relationship. The money given afterwards is only for the hush fee, break-up fee, and compensation fee.”From the verdict, Xu did not take any radical measures to blackmail them. How could he be convicted just like that?”

Before that, Xu’s father had spoken to the media. He said,”It is these public officials who made the mistake and can’t put the shit bowl on their daughter’s head alone. Xu did not take money from these people’s pockets and steal money, so he was sentenced to 13 years and fined 5 million yuan. The result is unacceptable.”

Families are still fighting for the right to defend, hoping to get a fair and just judgment

Uncle Xu told Xin’an Evening News, Anhui Net, University An Anhui news reporter, when the court appointed Xu’s family of legal aid lawyers did not know. Up to now, the legal aid lawyers have not had any contact with their family members.”It was spoken orally, and I didn’t give a written thing. We can’t be sure that this is Xu’s wishes.”

Mr. Li said that now his family is still fighting for the right to defend, he hopes that the court will be able to Let the lawyers entrusted by the family intervene to prepare for the second-instance defense in advance, hoping to get a fair and just judgment.

Zhu Qingling, Xin’an Evening News, Anhui Net, Dawan News reporter

Editor Zhang Dawei