The world’s largest radio telescope is expected to start construction in July this year

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“Giant Eyes” looking into space will bring new cosmic information and obtain major science Find.

The world’s largest radio telescope is expected to start construction in July this year

According to the introduction, the two SKA sites have their own The radio quiet areas in South Africa and 8 countries in Southern Africa and Western Australia will consist of 2500 dish antennas with a diameter of 15 to 13.5 meters distributed within a range of 3000 kilometers, 250 dense aperture arrays with a diameter of 60 meters, and 1.3 million It is composed of a sparse aperture array composed of only log periodic antennas, and its equivalent receiving area is up to square kilometers, and the frequency coverage is 50 MHz to 20 GHz.

SKA is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It is the largest and most advanced equipment in the field of international astronomy so far. It will be jointly funded by more than ten countries in the world to construct, operate, maintain and manage. It is a global science that transcends national boundaries. Device. In 2019, the 7 founding member states including China formally signed the SKA Observatory Convention, and in February 2021, the Intergovernmental International Organization for the Square Kilometer Array Observatory was established.

Wu Xiangping introduced that in the next 10 years, the Chinese SKA scientific team will carry out research and research on 10 scientific directions, including cosmic reionization exploration, pulsar search, chronometry, and gravitational theory testing. It is adhering to international cooperation. Under the premise of carrying out large-scale scientific research, establish its own clear scientific goals and development roadmap.

At the same time, Chinese astronomers are also focusing on the “Chinese Sky Eye” (FAST), building a large network of Chinese radio telescopes, leading the world with absolute superiority in sensitivity, and doing more for mankind to explore the mysteries of the universe. contribution.