Tuhu Auto and Goodyear reached a cooperation to jointly promote the smart transformation of China’s automotive aftermarket

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China News Service, March 31. Today, Goodyear Tire and Tuhu Yangtze reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties announced that they will carry out in-depth cooperation in product, digitalization and other directions to provide car owners with a comprehensive car-keeping experience. In addition, the two parties will jointly launch the “Self-Driving Selection Plan” to create a domestic self-driving tour IP and continue to provide users with high-quality domestic self-driving travel solutions.

Tuhu Auto and Goodyear reached a cooperation to jointly promote the smart transformation of China’s automotive aftermarket

Brand strategic cooperation entered 2.0, Promoting the Smart Transformation of China’s Auto Aftermarket

At present, with the epidemic and various reasons, more and more global consumers choose to consume online, and the emerging of “order online + offline installation” The consumption model has also become the first choice of many consumers for car maintenance consumption. Goodyear has reached a strategic cooperation with Tuhu.com. Relying on the online and offline integrated service network of Tuhu.com, it will open up new sales channels in China; and Tuhu.com can also obtain reliable quality Goodyear products. Shaping consumer trust in authentic products.

Tuhu Auto and Goodyear reached a cooperation to jointly promote the smart transformation of China’s automotive aftermarket(1)

In terms of product cooperation, both parties A clear product line has been planned. In the future, Goodyear’s exclusive first product will be launched on the Tuhu platform. Both parties will also create richer and high-quality tire products to provide consumers with more choices. As the cooperation between the two parties deepens, relying on obvious advantages such as open and transparent prices, one-stop convenient service experience, and guarantee of authentic sources will further promote consumers’ continuous consumption of products and services.

Tour Rover, which adheres to the business philosophy of “genuine professionalism”, will continue to deepen digital cooperation with Goodyear. In the future, based on digital cooperation and exploration, the two parties will realize upstream brand products and Tuhu car maintenance “online appointment + offline through smarter production methods, more digital and efficient service channels, and products closer to the needs of Chinese consumers.” The integrated service of “installation” is perfectly connected to provide consumers with better products and professional services, and work together to promote the smart transformation of China’s automotive aftermarket.

Jointly launched the “Self-Driving Selection Plan” to be a self-driving car owner “dream protector”

With the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, safe and flexible self-driving travel has become the choice of most people. With the gradual recovery of the travel market in the first half of the year, self-driving enthusiasts have generally paid attention to domestic travel routes with hot punch-in potential in 2021. In the journey of chasing poetry and far away, Tuhu and Goodyear are willing to be “dream protectors” for self-driving enthusiasts.

In order to meet users’ increasing demand for self-driving travel, Tu Rover and Goodyear jointly launched the “Self-driving Selection Plan”, inviting authoritative celebrities and KOLs in the travel industry to participate in the selection of 100 self-driving routes to create The domestic self-driving tour IP continues to provide users with high-quality domestic self-driving travel solutions, which has also become one of the main highlights of this cooperation.

Tuhu Auto and Goodyear reached a cooperation to jointly promote the smart transformation of China’s automotive aftermarket(2)

The two sides will work together for senior self-driving Travel experts launched the “Joint Route Selection” to jointly take on-the-spot shooting and create high-quality video and graphic content. At that time, users can inquire about the selected 100 self-driving travel routes on their own through the new media platform of the Road Rover Self-driving Guide, and truly experience the most real-time and wonderful distant scenery.

It is understood that the “surrounding self-driving selection” focuses on the local city characteristics and the service coverage of Tuhu car store, and can also provide users with offline peripheral travel plans and after-car services. Before the self-driving departure, car owners can get free inspections, maintenance coupons, electronic self-driving road books and other welfare experiences at the National Tour Tiger Workshop; on the way, they can also get timely rescue in case of emergency. In addition, the Tuhu online platform will also launch a “0 yuan group selection” activity to interact with car owners.

The strategic cooperation between Goodyear and Tuhu Auto has opened a mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation model, which also confirms the new changes that are taking place in the Chinese automotive aftermarket. Industry brands and e-commerce platforms have joined hands to deploy new retail At this time, the new business development space is still widening, and consumers will have more and more confidence in the authentic and professional services brought by the brand alliance.