Wang Yi: “China Express” is speeding up towards a new goal

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On the afternoon of March 7, the Fourth Session of the 13th National People’s Congress held a press conference in the Press Conference Hall of the Great Hall of the People. State Councilor and Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi was invited to answer Chinese and foreign journalists on “China’s foreign policy and foreign relations”. Ask a question.

Beijing Daily reporter: We have noticed that this year’s two sessions are a hot word about building a new development pattern. What kind of impact will China’s proposal of building a new development pattern have on the world?

Wang Yi: “China Express” is speeding up towards a new goal


p >The picture shows the reporter interviewing in the multifunctional hall of Media Center. Photo by China News Agency reporter Jiang Qiming

Wang Yi: China’s construction of a new development pattern is to meet the needs of entering a new stage of development, and is committed to improving independent development capabilities, achieving high-quality development, and further opening up to the outside world. Better penetrate the two major markets at home and abroad, and connect the two major channels of import and export. This will provide countries around the world with more development opportunities, open up greater market space, and usher in a broader prospect for cooperation. With a better business environment and a higher level of openness, China will work with other countries to accelerate the construction of an open world economy. From an image point of view, China, entering a new stage of development, is like a “China Express” with stronger kinetic energy and greater carrying capacity. It is speeding up towards new goals. We welcome all countries to walk together and create prosperity together.

(According to the live broadcast of web text)