Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, she tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”

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China News Service Client, Beijing, March 2 (Reporter Ren Siyu) On March 1, Beijing time, the 78th American Film and Television Golden Globe Awards were announced. The Beijing girl Zhao Ting won the most with “A Place of Nowhere”. Best Director Award, becoming the first Asian woman to win the Best Director in the history of the Golden Globe Awards.

This year’s Golden Globe Awards ceremony will be broadcast live in two places. On the screen, Zhao Ting, who is wearing a green T-shirt and two braids, smiles to thank everyone:

” Thank you for the peers who nominated with me. Thank you for making good movies. This is why I fell in love with making movies and telling stories, because it gave us a chance to laugh and cry together. Thank you everyone, let It is possible for me to do this passionate thing.”

Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, she tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”

From last year to this year, Zhao Ting’s name frequently appeared in many film awards.

She directed the third feature film “A Place to Nowhere” successively won the highest bonus lion award at the Venice International Film Festival, the “People’s Choice Award” at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the best film at the Gotham Independent Film Award, etc. Many awards, at the same time, are also regarded as the hottest Oscars this year.

When he appeared at the Pingyao International Film Festival a few years ago, Zhao Ting was more familiar with the prefix “Song Dandan Stepdaughter” by domestic audiences.

Zhao Ting was born in Beijing in 1982. She confessed that when she was a child, she was like a “wild boy”, rebellious and addicted to comics. When she was a teenager, Zhao Ting went to a boarding school in the United Kingdom and went to Montholy York College in the United States. He studied political science and later went to the New York University Film School to continue his studies.

New York University asked for a feature film in the third year, but Zhao Ting, who was approaching her thirty-year-old, was very confused and could not find her direction in life. She chose to leave New York for the quiet American plains.

She directed the first feature film “The Song That My Brother Taught Me To Sing”, which tells the story of a pair of brothers and sisters in the Indian reservation of the American West. “At that time, the problem of the high suicide rate of young American Indians I have been paying attention, so I went there”.

Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, she tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”(1)

“Brother teach me to sing “The Song” stills.

The filming of this film was not all smooth sailing. The film investors repeatedly broke their appointments. Zhao Ting had to pay half of the crew’s remuneration out of her own pocket. At one time, she lost 88 kilograms. On the first day before filming, the investor suddenly withdrew and returned home at night. Zhao Ting found that her home had been stolen. , Some valuable things and hard drives used for shooting were all missing. She said that at the time, she felt that all three years of preparing for the film were in vain.

In the end, she made a movie with only one hundred thousand dollars. “The Song That My Brother Taught Me” was nominated for the Sundance Film Festival and the “Director’s Fortnight” at the Cannes Film Festival. She also With this film, she won the Gotham Independent Film Award for Best Female Director.

“I did learn a lot in this process. I only had 80,000 dollars in “Knight”, so I can manage this kind of low-cost movie well.”

After making the first feature film, Zhao Ting especially wanted to make a story about western cowboys. She met a talented horse trainer Brady Gandro, and based on his real experience to create “Knight”: an excellent horse trainer was forced to terminate the rodeo career because of a serious head injury. But he was unwilling to give up the dream story.

Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, she tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”(2)

Minorities, injuries The cowboys, wanderers… Zhao Ting’s camera is aimed at some marginal social groups, focusing on the hearts of ordinary people, and most of the actors appearing in the film are non-professional actors. The protagonist of “Knight” is Bray Di himself, apart from the actors, there are only 6 people in the entire crew.

“Because of these limitations, I learned to make good use of everything I have before me. Instead, I presented a more simple sense of reality than I expected. For us, the’reality’ has become us The only thing I can afford.” Zhao Ting once said.

“Knight” won the art film award in the “Director’s Fortnight” unit of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, and Zhao Ting began to be known by more people.

How to shoot “A Place without a Support”?

In 2017, both “Knight” and “Three Billboards” were nominated for the Toronto International Film Festival Special Screening Unit. The starring Francis McDormand of “Three Billboards” finished watching ” “Knight” was shocked, she asked loudly-“Who is Zhao Ting?”

This also contributed to the two people’s cooperation in “A Place Without a Help”.

Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, she tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”(3)

“Adapted from the documentary work of the same name by the American writer Jessica Bruder, the film tells about a 60-year-old woman who lost everything in the Great Depression in the United States and became a “modern nomad” living in a van. On her side Stories of wandering while looking for temporary work.

Francis McDomond and producer Peter Spears bought the copyright after reading the original work. Later, director Zhao Ting became their first choice.

Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, she tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”(4)

“A Place of Nowhere “Starring McDormand, this is also the first time that Zhao Ting has cooperated with Hollywood actors in the true sense. The group of people walked through the life of nomads in a van for 4 months. In the film, there are still many actors who are real. “Nomad”.

At the Golden Globe Awards ceremony, Zhao Ting thanked those “nomads” who shared their stories. She quoted a quote from a character in the film: “Sympathy can break all barriers. , So that we can put our hearts to heart. Your pain is also my pain, they are intertwined, we can feel the same.”

Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, she tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”(5)

McDormand once commented on Zhao Ting: “When there are many unknown factors in the production of low-cost, impromptu road films, people I hope there is a stable finger to show the direction. This is what you get from Zhao Ting: a stable hand and a clearly marked road map… She has a magical skill that is easy to use between tenderness and sensitivity-this Let her storytelling be very real and original. It is for all these reasons that Zhao Ting has won the high respect of her colleagues.”

What will it be like to direct the Marvel series?

Now, after winning multiple film awards for the third feature film, Zhao Ting is known as an excellent female director.

Many outsiders commented that she finally tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”. But for Zhao Ting, maybe she doesn’t mind this label, she is more grateful to her family.

Zhao Ting once said that they have given herself a lot of space and are also very supportive of her film career. “They encouraged me to go my own way and endure these setbacks. The most important thing is these spiritual encouragement. I think it is the most valuable to me.”

In “Depth of Happiness”, Song Dandan recorded the past with her stepdaughter Zhao Ting. In 2017, Zhao Ting took “Knight” to participate in the first Pingyao International Film Festival, Song Dandan took Batu to the Pingyao cheered for Zhao Ting.

After Zhao Ting won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, Song Dandan also happily sent a congratulatory message:

“A Chinese girl who does not understand English, went abroad to study at the age of 16, chose A path that we have never been optimistic about, but we can only respect. Today, we have achieved such recognition and created such a record by fighting for their strengths at home. You are the legend of our family, and I believe that your story will also inspire Countless Chinese children.”

Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, she tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”(6)

< p>”Asian filmmakers”, “female directors”… Regarding the various identity tags that have been affixed, Zhao Ting once said in an interview that this is just the icing on the cake, the icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

Speaking of the greatest significance of the movie to herself, she quoted a quote from Director Ang Lee:

“The movie does not bring everyone into the dark, but brings everyone through Darkness, test it in the darkness, and then go back to the sun, you will understand how to face life.”

Won the Golden Globe Award for Best Director, she tore off the label of “Song Dandan’s Stepdaughter”(7)