100,000 plants in 5 greenhouses are succulent! Qinghai college girls build a “succulent kingdom”

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China News Service, Xining, April 7th. Question: 100,000 plants in 5 greenhouses are succulent! Qinghai college girls build a “succulent kingdom”

2 flower shops, 5 greenhouses, more than 100,000 succulent plants, and an average daily operating income of several thousand yuan-Han Ying, a senior girl from Qinghai University for Nationalities, is creating Own “Succulent Kingdom”.

“When I was in high school, I was a meaty lover.” Han Ying said that at first she bought meat online, but the loss rate was particularly high. Later, she discovered that the local vegetable greenhouses were meaty, so she started buying offline. , But the price is almost 10 times the online price.

100,000 plants in 5 greenhouses are succulent! Qinghai college girls build a “succulent kingdom”


p >The picture shows Han Ying showing the succulents she grows. Photo by Han Cuicui

After going to college, Han Ying began to save living expenses to buy Succulents. “My home and dormitory are all the meat I grow.”

When she was a freshman, she joined the Entrepreneurs Association of Qinghai University for Nationalities, and she had the idea of ​​starting a business. “I understand the growth habit of succulents, and feel that the climate in Qinghai is very suitable for succulent growth, so I plan to try it myself and create my own’succulent kingdom’.”

In the summer of sophomore year, Han Ying invited one A senior sister went to Yunnan and Shandong to investigate, “At that time, she decided to rent a greenhouse for planting, and wholesale some finished products back to Qinghai for sale.”

100,000 plants in 5 greenhouses are succulent! Qinghai college girls build a “succulent kingdom”(1)

The picture shows Han Ying taking care of the meat in the greenhouse. Photo by Han Cuicui

Building a “succulent kingdom” is not always “beautiful as a flower”.

“When the first batch of more than 70,000 yuan of succulents was transported from the insulated truck to the greenhouse, the 13-meter truck could not enter the greenhouse because of the narrow road, and could only park half a kilometer away.” Han Ying Said, “My father and mother and I invited all the relatives and friends we know to help. It took more than 30 trips in a small truck to transport it to the door of the greenhouse, and then it took another 3 hours to move into the greenhouse.”</ p>

“At that time, the temperature was minus 14 degrees Celsius. Although it was very cold, everyone worked hard to support me.” Han Ying said, when all the moving work was completed, it was already 3 o’clock in the morning, “Everyone I only ate a little steamed buns halfway through, and I was so tired that I couldn’t straighten my waist. I was touched the most that day.”

However, I couldn’t put so many succulents at once, and the space planning was unreasonable. In addition, the temperature dropped sharply. Approximately one-fifth of the fine-quality meat was frozen and lost more than 30,000 yuan.

“But the family didn’t blame me, they were all actively helping me think about it.” Han Ying said, in order to warm the greenhouse, grandpa suggested using electric heaters to keep warm. “Our family finally borrowed 5 electric heaters. , Remodeled the line overnight. But I was afraid of accidents and dared not to be careless. Grandpa and Dad lived in the greenhouse that night and slept on cardboard.”

100,000 plants in 5 greenhouses are succulent! Qinghai college girls build a “succulent kingdom”(2)

The picture shows Han Ying taking care of the meat. Photo by Han Cuicui

Fundraising, renting a greenhouse, leveling the land, tamping, laying sand, spreading the ground, preparing organic soil, adjusting soil pH, setting up drip irrigation sprinklers… Now, Han Ying is already a succulent planter At home, “Succulents like sandy granular soil, because its roots can’t have water. Only well-prepared soil can absorb water well, so that the succulents can maintain good air permeability without lack of water.”

During college, from Monday to Friday, Han Ying was studying at school, and she did not dare to leave her professional classes. At noon, she took the time to call her grandpa and her staff to ask about the greenhouse. “After self-study in the evening, I will Wear headphones in the dormitory to watch live monitoring and playback videos in the greenhouse.”

“Since I use cloud devices, there is not much conflict between learning and entrepreneurship.” Han Ying is full of confidence.

Cactus family, Crassulaceae, Aloe family, Uniceraceae… Today, Han Ying’s “Succulent Kingdom” has 320 succulents in 26 families and more than 100,000 plants.

“After graduation, I want to be a lawyer,” Han Ying said. Succulent planting is her sideline. “Many people say that the girl who is rolling in the soil is nothing. But the fleshy tenacious vitality is healing. Me, a small leaf, as long as it is in the sun, it can send out new shoots and work hard to grow.” (End)