2021 Shanghai Youth Ski Open kicks off

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China News Online, April 10th (Reporter Miao Lu) On April 10th, the 300-day countdown to the Beijing Winter Olympics was hosted by the Shanghai Ice and Snow Sports Association and the Shanghai Huangpu District Sports Association. “Shanghai Youth Ski Open” kicked off.

This competition uses a ski indoor simulator as the competition equipment, which is different from the white snow and flag gates of the northern real snow roads. The competition organizing committee uses the simulator’s slope, sliding speed, and sliding width of the snow blanket. We strive for perfection in parameters such as laser gates, and make great efforts in the atmosphere layout, sports display and other links to create a fair and ceremonial competition environment for young athletes.

2021 Shanghai Youth Ski Open kicks off


p >The Shanghai Youth Ski Open 2021 kicks off. Photographed by Zhang Hengwei

During the two days of the competition, the competition site was carefully arranged. The previous night was a two-Michelin-star sports restaurant that was designed and transformed overnight. In the spring of the Peach Blossom Spring, walking out of the Peach Blossom Spring and standing on the ski slopes, the dimension-breaking sense of space adds a unique sense of ceremony and fashion to this unprecedented skiing competition.

At the beginning of the year, as soon as the registration notice for the event was announced, there were enthusiastic responses. In the end, there were 11 teams and 24 individual players, and a total of nearly 150 players passed the registration review and were shortlisted for the final event; The winner will be decided in 15 competitions.

The 12-year-old Zhu Lihuan is a “frequent visitor” of the MVP in Shanghai youth ice hockey events. In addition to playing ice hockey, he will go skiing with his family every year. He participated in this event as an individual. Before registering for the competition, he had not touched the indoor simulator skiing: “Now after using the simulator to practice, I feel that I can’t stop at all. For example, we can use the simulator in the season after the snow melt. Come and practice efficiently. I have met a lot of friends of the same age here. Some of the children just started using ski simulators. They feel that their basic skills are very good. I really dare not take the competition lightly.”

Beijing Winter The footsteps of the Olympic Games are getting closer, and it is not only the ski teenagers who are gearing up. Professional ski referees and sports show broadcasters are also seizing every opportunity for competitions to accumulate energy for the Winter Olympics. A quarter of the referees involved in this competition have reached the national level, and all 8 referees are referees above the first level. More than 60% of the referees will serve as domestic technical officials of the Beijing Winter Olympics and are familiar with simulator events.

As of the opening of the Open, Shanghai has 14 indoor ski simulator clubs operating 28 venues. There are also 5 large-scale outdoor ski clubs in Shanghai. The number of participants in skiing has reached 60 throughout the year. There are 10,000 people, and there are currently 167 registered youth ski athletes in Shanghai. (End)

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