22 years as a police officer. Wang Baoshan, the border policeman at Yantai Airport, is the “old scalper” guarding the country.

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China News Service, Yantai, April 7th, title: 22 years from the police, Yantai Airport border policeman Wang Baoshan is the “old scalper” guarding the country.

Author Wang Jiaoni Zang Yonghao

Wang Baoshan is the 6th policeman on duty at the Yantai Airport Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station of Shandong Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station. Over the past 22 years as a police officer, he has seized more than 400 people in violation of laws and regulations, and built a security barrier at the national gates. Personal third-class power twice and second-class power once.

22 years as a police officer. Wang Baoshan, the border policeman at Yantai Airport, is the “old scalper” guarding the country.

Wang Baoshan is checking the verification document. Photo by Zang Yonghao

Going to be the “old scalper” at the front line of border inspection

In the certificate research room, each certificate is carefully checked to distinguish the authenticity; in the law enforcement case area, there is a case file Take a serious record, you must compare the baht and the baht; in the business seminars, one-by-one sharing of experiences and talks about gains and losses… This is the epitome of Wang Baoshan’s 20 years of work, and he defends the country with his “old scalper” style. The grassroots first line.

With the advancement of China-Korea Free Trade Zone and other constructions, the opening of Yantai, Shandong has been increasing, and the passenger flow of the port has been increasing. After the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, the national port became the front line of the war epidemic. Wang Baoshan led the data verification team throughout the night.

“Data is our weapon. How to make good use of the data in our hands is the key to our victory in the national battle against the epidemic!” Wang Baoshan said.

During the epidemic, Wang Baoshan accumulated more than 500 hours of data analysis, checked more than 600 flights, more than 10,000 people entering and exiting the country, identified more than 200 high-risk individuals, and pushed more than 50 data reports.

22 years as a police officer. Wang Baoshan, the border policeman at Yantai Airport, is the “old scalper” guarding the country.(1)

Wang Baoshan is teaching on duty. Photographed by Zang Yonghao

Willing to build a “ruziniu” for the border inspection team

“Do you understand the process of handling this overstay case?” This is Wang Baoshan giving the legal police to the duty team Explain the process of handling specific cases. Since engaging in law enforcement work, he has focused on accumulating legal knowledge and summing up law enforcement experience, handling more than 200 cases without any errors.

“After Master Baoshan finished speaking, I encountered a similar case and knew how to handle it. It was very effective!” said the legal policeman on duty.

“Master Baoshan” is the cordial name given to Wang Baoshan by the young policeman on duty. Since the establishment of the “Legal System Lecture Hall”, Wang Baoshan has taught more than 400 class hours with his dedication like a “ruzi cow”, and has successively cultivated 12 key law enforcement officers, which has delivered fresh blood to the front line of law enforcement.

Wang Baoshan also took the lead in the formation of the WeChat group of “Immigration Translators”, built a platform to organize the station-wide police to start a foreign language learning fever, and cumulatively pushed more than 20,000 useful voice and text image information, and more than 100 video courses.

22 years as a police officer. Wang Baoshan, the border policeman at Yantai Airport, is the “old scalper” guarding the country.(2)


p >Wang Baoshan is conducting data investigation. Photo by Zang Yonghao

Striving to be a pioneer in the border inspection business

In recent years, the political, social, and security risks of airport ports have been at a high level. Facing the new situation, new tasks and new challenges, Wang Baoshan, with a pioneering spirit of exploration and innovation, gave full play to the advantages of information and data, based on the practice of verification operations, and summed up the “five questions” of one control, two observations, three inspections, four inspections, and five questions. “Step-by-step verification method” and “4-1-1” large backstage verification working mechanism of “analysis and judgment, information early warning, prevention guidance, push landing, and result feedback”, and wrote more than 10 intelligence research articles.

On October 2, 2019, when Wang Baoshan was conducting flight pre-inspection and control, a foreign passenger’s entry and exit information aroused his vigilance. The passenger used a tourist visa to enter and exit my country multiple times. Wang Baoshan preliminarily judged that he was a “three-nons” foreigner with a long period of stay and no accommodation record in China. He took advantage of the foreign language to inquire about him and found a large number of illegal religious videos on the person’s mobile phone. He made a keen judgment It is suspected of engaging in illegal religious dissemination activities. Using this as a clue, the relevant local authorities successfully destroyed a religious infiltration network that had been entrenched in the Jiaodong Peninsula for a long time.

In recent years, Wang Baoshan has successively uncovered 765 million INTERPOL “red-pass personnel” involved in the case, cracked “foreigners’ illegal preaching in China” case, and successfully uncovered a major incident supervised by the Ministry of Public Security. A key member of the border gambling case has built a solid line of defense at the gate of the country. (End)