24 teams advance to the finals of the 3rd China General Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

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China News Service, Taiyuan, April 24 (Yang Peipei) The semi-finals of the “3rd China General Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition” were held in Taiyuan, Shanxi from the 22nd to the 23rd. After two days of fierce competition, 15 participating teams won the “Technology Innovation Group” and 9 participating teams were recommended by the “Venture Investment Group” to enter the finals.

The China General Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition aims to promote the sustainable and healthy development of China’s aviation industry. It aims to discover the most potential outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial projects, outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial talents, and major breakthrough technologies in the aviation field. A “double creation” selection platform that integrates versatility, professionalism, and authority, and at the same time has distinctive characteristics.

This competition was officially launched in November 2020 and has gone through the registration, audition, and final stages. After a comprehensive evaluation by experts, the top 55 were selected from the 416 registered projects to enter the semi-finals, divided into two groups: “Technology Innovation” and “Venture Investment”. The promotion was determined through roadshows, defenses and closed-door reviews by the review committee List.

24 teams advance to the finals of the 3rd China General Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


p > The semi-finals of the 3rd China General Aviation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition determined that the top 24 qualified for the finals. Photo by Xianbo

The organizer introduces that the projects recommended for the finals this year are rich in content. The projects cover overall aircraft design, unmanned aerial vehicle systems, aviation power, new energy, airborne systems, and new generation information 10 categories including technology, industrial information technology, new materials, advanced manufacturing, general aviation operation and management and control.

At the same time, the project quality is high, showing a situation where “peak projects” are clustered together. Most of the scientific and technological innovation projects have reached the level of “domestic leading, international advanced”, and venture capital projects have high commercial value And development prospects basically reflect the latest thinking and practice of China’s aviation industry.

During the competition, a large lecture on industry development and investment hotspots, academic reports, project docking, industry docking, visits and research activities were also held.

According to the rules of the competition, after the semi-finals, the organizing committee office will organize experts to conduct on-site research and due diligence on the projects recommended for the finals, and form a research report, which is consistent with the semi-final review conclusions Only the projects from can officially participate in the finals, and the list of projects that advance to the finals will be announced one week before the finals.

In addition, according to the office of the competition organizing committee, preparations for the finals of this competition have started, and the finals will be determined: 1 special prize in the science and technology innovation group, 2 first prizes, and second prizes 3 winners, several third prizes, a total prize pool of 2 million yuan, of which a special prize of 500,000 yuan; 1 special prize in the venture capital group, 1-2 first prizes, 2-3 second prizes, There are several third prize winners, and the winning projects in the venture capital group will have the opportunity to receive investment and financing services from cooperative investment institutions in the competition. (End)