97% of the earth’s land has been destroyed by humans: wild species continue to disappear

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97% of the earth’s land has been destroyed by humans: wild species continue to disappear

According to previous research, 20-40 on Earth % Still has “ecosystem integrity”. However, these studies are mainly based on satellite images, focusing on the integrity of biological habitats, and it is not clear about the investigation of specific events that occur on land.

The researchers said that field investigations show that in some areas with complete habitats, some animals have actually disappeared, especially some large and medium-sized carnivores and large and medium-sized herbivores. Some of the reasons for this are due to human hunting, some are due to the invasion of species such as cats and dogs, and some are due to diseases.

In order to assess the “ecosystem integrity”, the researchers used three criteria, namely, habitat integrity, biological integrity (whether the original species disappeared), and land function integrity (species abundance). Sex and the ecological role of plant growers or other functions).

The results show that only 3% of the land on the earth still meets the “ecosystem integrity”, and the habitat integrity has not changed much from previous studies, but the biological integrity and land function integrity are investigated The result is not satisfactory.

Specifically, only 2.9% of the land still has biological integrity, and 2.8% of the land still has functional integrity, which means that at least 97% of the land is due to industrial Land use, hunting, introduction of invasive species, or other human factors have been destroyed.

The land with relatively “ecosystem integrity” is basically distributed in Congo, Tanzania, Amazon rainforest, Siberia and southern Chile. But. What is disturbing is that only 11% of these lands are protected by national laws, and only 4% of the areas are considered to be important places for the protection of wild animals.

Researchers pointed out that at present, ecological System restoration efforts should not only focus on restoring degraded habitats, but also consider restoring wild species, so as to better restore and protect the ecological integrity of more areas on the planet.