A 13-year-old girl in Rizhao reports being raped by coercion, the local women’s federation:has entered judicial proceedings

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Source:The Paper News

In response to a video on the evening of April 7th that a 13-year-old girl reported that she was raped and intimidated, she did not agree to be personally beaten by her family, Shandong A staff member of the Women’s Federation in Donggang District in Rizhao City, Jiangsu Province responded to The Paper on the 8th, saying that the parties had not come to the Women’s Federation for consultation and the incident had already entered. Judicial procedures,”the power of public security is now taking over.””We and the police learned about this matter, because this matter involves illegal crimes and is specifically investigated by the police.”

At 7 o’clock on April 8, the official Weibo of the Rizhao City Public Security Bureau issued a notice stating that the public security organs attached great importance to the report of a girl being raped on the Internet and had organized the criminal investigation department and the police station to carry out work simultaneously. It is currently under further investigation.

In the online video, a young girl holding a piece of cardboard, kneeling to herself, said,”My name is An X, I am 13 years old this year, (Address) XX Village, XX Town, Donggang District, Rizhao City. ( I was invited to dinner by XX on March 25, forcing me to drink, forcing me to have sex with a 40-year-old man, and threatening me and my family, not letting us talk about it. Because I didn’t agree with the privatization, I was beaten up by my family.”

According to a previous report by The Paper, the staff of the command center of the Donggang Branch of the Rizhao Public Security Bureau stated that the person concerned had already called the police at the Wanghai Road Police Station in the jurisdiction. Currently, the Public Security Criminal Brigade and the Wanghai Road Police Station in the jurisdiction are investigating the matter.

According to Xi’an Business Daily, the girl in question said that she called the police after she was forced to have sex. The next day an intermediary came to threaten her and said that it was useless to tell the police. It’s useless for others, it’s best to put this matter in your stomach, otherwise you won’t be able to stay in Rizhao.”In the beginning, I gave 100,000, and then I gave 200,000. My family asked to be private. If I don’t want to be private anymore, my family will beat me.” The girl’s father said that her daughter had lied since she was a child, and now she is full of nonsense, just wanting money. The girl always follows the society, smokes, drinks and tattoos, and the family can no longer control it.

In response to whether the girl lied or not, the aforementioned staff of the Donggang District Women’s Federation stated that the police have not disclosed the specific circumstances and are investigating.”Now that we have entered the judicial process, he (the police) will not let us participate.”