A century-old brand to create smart craftsmen “Electricians” need to learn robot programming

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“Go left, go left, steady.” At the Tsingtao Beer competition area of ​​the 16th Qingdao Skills Competition, contestant Zhang Yunchang used on-site programming to operate a six-axis robot to place the model code in the designated area and simulate beer on the spot. Palletizing function in the production process. It is hard to imagine that “setting up a robot” turned out to be a competition item in the Tsingtao Beer Electrician Competition. Under the wave of the industrial Internet, Tsingtao Brewery, as a pioneer in intelligent manufacturing, through skill competitions, closely combines job training and technical competitions, and cultivates a large number of innovative high-skilled talents with “one job, multiple capabilities”.

A century-old brand to create smart craftsmen “Electricians” need to learn robot programming

Recently, Qingdao City The 16th Vocational Skills Competition and the 8th Tsingtao Brewery Company’s 8th Vocational Skills Competition finals are in full swing. 751 technical experts who stood out from nearly 60 factories of Tsingtao Brewery nationwide advanced to the finals and competed in 11 trades to compete for the strongest “skill king”.

Forging skills: Cultivating “one post with multiple abilities” omnipotents

According to our understanding, as Tsingtao Brewery’s biennial vocational skills “big training”, relying on Qingdao’s vocational skills The Tsingtao Brewery Professional Skills Competition has been held for eight consecutive times. So far in this competition, 6,000 review questions have been updated in the question bank, 8 sets of new/updated technical documents, and more than 100 experts have participated in the evaluation. The competition continued the “one job with multiple skills” type of talent selection mechanism, focusing on multi-functional work types, increasing from three multi-functional work types to seven, and the competition format is also richer. Since the start of the competition, a total of 27,500 employees have participated in the competition, a record high.

According to the changes in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the innovative use of the mode of centralized and closed judges and remote contestants is adopted, and the competition system is more rigorous to ensure fairness. In order to ensure the fairness of the competition and the participation of a wide range of personnel as possible, this competition adopts a large-scale remote review mode, with “dual video” or “three video” invigilators set up in various competition sites. It is easier for employees to perform themselves in familiar work scenarios. At the same time, it reduces the flow of personnel, and achieves the correctness of competition, production and epidemic prevention.”

The Tsingtao Brewery Company’s current skills competition covers all business units. The employees of Beer Company have built a better platform, provided more sufficient resources, and promoted learning to improve their skills, thereby building a team of high-skilled talents in the company.

Zhichuang craftsman: “Electricians” must learn robot programming

How to control the robot arm to place the product model in the designated position through programming is the competition event of the electrician finals in the Tsingtao Brewery. “Being an’electrician’ in Tsingtao Brewery is a succession in the traditional sense. Electricity is not the same, not only must understand PLC system engineering operations, but also robot programming settings. To be precise, it should be an electrical engineer. “The electrician” Zhang Yunchang, who is responsible for the maintenance of intelligent equipment at the Tsingtao Brewery Lighthouse Factory, said, “Now the factories are all intelligent equipment, and the skill competitions systematically learn and compete, so that we can better keep up with the times and let our skills be systematically honed. And sublimation, this is a lot of wealth for myself. ”

With the upgrading and transformation of intelligent factories, the degree of automation of production equipment has become higher and higher, and higher requirements have been placed on the professional capabilities and knowledge reserves of engineering and technical personnel. “We are in this skill competition. For the first time, the electrical engineering competition group has conducted school-enterprise cooperation with the Automation College of Qingdao University, adding PLC and man-machine interface programming training and competition links to improve the skills of professional talents. “The expert team leader of intelligent manufacturing and maintenance electricians in this skill contest, Li Yanfeng, said, “Under the demand of Tsingtao Brewery’s rapid development, lifelong learning has become an essential skill for every engineering and technical personnel. Through training, mastering methods and learning reserves Skills can be integrated through practice, feed back what they have learned into production as soon as possible, and promote the common development of Tsingtao Brewery and personal abilities. ”

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“slow brew” Talent: Inheriting the craftsmanship spirit

In the eyes of Tsingtao Brewery, the “experts” who were originally scattered in various factories are gathered into the skills competition through the skills competition, and it has also become the contestants’ skill learning and quality cultural exchanges. Platform. “The most essential thing is to control the quality of beer, so that every consumer can drink high-quality products, which also recognizes and affirms our own technology. “Tsingtao Brewery Quality Inspector Chen Jing who participated in the quality inspection competition of this competition said.

Participants can not only show off their skills through the competition, but also learn skills and practice unique skills here, and build for the inheritance of skills. The “fast lane” has also enabled Tsingtao Brewery’s century-old craftsman spirit of “good people to make good wine” to be better passed on. “Tsingtao Brewery builds a “professional” and compound skilled workforce in order to produce higher quality Only “good people make good wine”, endow the products with high-quality quality, and better meet the needs of consumers. “The relevant person in charge of Tsingtao Brewery said.