A man in Hubei died of illness, saves 7 people by donating organs

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China News Service, Wuhan, April 7 (Li Han) Wang Qiang (a pseudonym), an 18-year-old man from Huanggang, Hubei, died of a serious illness. The donated heart, lungs, liver, and kidney saved 5 critically ill patients. life. On the 7th, the cornea he donated made two blind patients see again.

Wang Qiang was diagnosed with glioma in April 2019. His parents took him to Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and other places for medical treatment. They were all told that because of the special location and large size of the tumor, the effect of surgical resection was not optimistic. In May of that year, Wang Qiang came to the Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University. The doctors used comprehensive treatment methods such as radiotherapy to hold back the disease as much as possible. On April 2 this year, Wang Qiang, whose condition deteriorated, lost his spontaneous breathing and was diagnosed with brain death.

Zhang Liang, a staff member of the Organ Donation and Acquisition Organization (OPO) of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, comforted Wang Qiang’s parents while tentatively asking them about their willingness to donate organs. “Persuading them to donate the organs of their deceased child is a difficult thing to tell.” Zhang Liang said, but the source of organs suitable for transplantation is very scarce. For critically ill patients waiting for transplantation, this opportunity may open up rebirth. The key to the door.

A man in Hubei died of illness, saves 7 people by donating organs


p >Wang Qiang’s parents signed the organ donation agreement. Photo by Li Han

“I am willing to donate my child’s organs!” After listening to Zhang Liang’s introduction and thinking about it for a while, Wang Qiang’s mother said, “My child It is impossible to come back, but I hope to let other people’s children live.”

At noon on April 2, Wang Qiang was pushed into the operating room. After about two hours of organ harvesting operations, one liver transplant, two kidney transplants, one heart transplant, and one lung transplant started simultaneously, successfully saving the lives of five dying patients. On the 7th, Wang Qiang’s cornea once again helped two patients regain light. (End)