A tribute to the centenary of the founding of the party. Children’s Peking Opera “Young Hero · Wang Erxiao” with childish words and childlike reproduces the heroic story

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China News Service, Shijiazhuang, April 7th (Li Xiaowei and Cao Shumin) A press conference for children’s Peking opera “Young Hero Wang Erxiao” was held on the 7th at the Hebei Academy of Peking Opera Art. According to reports, the play uses plots and scenes full of childishness and childishness to reproduce the heroic story of the heroic teenager Wang Erxiao on the Peking Opera stage, who fought against the invaders bravely and witlessly without fear of powerful enemies.

The story of the anti-Japanese hero Wang Erxiao is well-known in China. During the War of Resistance Against Japan, the teenager Wang Erxiao in the Jinchaji border area led the Japanese invaders into the ambush ring of the Eighth Route Army in order to cover his hometown fathers and elders. “Young Hero · Wang Erxiao” is based on his heroic story creation and adaptation.

According to reports, as a tribute to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, “Young Heroes·Wang Erxiao” is a key repertoire supported by the Propaganda Department of the Hebei Provincial Party Committee and the Hebei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism. The play is also the first children’s Peking opera in Hebei Province, which is of great significance to the inheritance and development of the excellent traditional Chinese culture.

“Wang Erxiao is a nationally famous anti-Japanese young hero. We want to show the story of this young hero three-dimensionally through the Peking Opera performance, so as to cherish the memory of revolutionary heroes.” The director of the play, Said famous Jingkun Wusheng and national first-level director Weng Guosheng.

A tribute to the centenary of the founding of the party. Children’s Peking Opera “Young Hero · Wang Erxiao” with childish words and childlike reproduces the heroic story


p >The picture shows the stills of the children’s Peking Opera “Young Hero · Wang Erxiao”. Photo courtesy of the organizer

“Children’s Peking Opera needs to be suitable for children’s viewing habits, to be nice, beautiful, and fun.” said Yang Shutang, screenwriter of the play and national first-level screenwriter, “Juvenile Hero·Wang Erxiao” Pay attention to using children’s language full of innocence and innocence. “Sheep, little goat, young and long beard” “Elephant elephant, big white elephant, nose like a rolling pin”… Speaking of rise, he blurted out the drama of the play.

At the same time, the play also pays attention to the interesting plot and the opera structure suitable for children. The drama arranges the Eighth Route Army female soldier Zhang teacher to guide the children to perform the “play in play” plot of “Catch the Traitors”, and also arranges a sing and anthropomorphic huaniu, which adds interest to the plot. The whole play is also full of teacher-student sentiment, partnership, military-civilian fish-water sentiment, as well as fighting wits and courage with devils. “Interesting, gameplay, and lyrical are full of the whole play.” Yang Shutang said.

In order to create an outstanding children’s Peking opera work that can stand, spread, and survive, the Hebei Peking Opera Art Research Institute has gathered the power of the whole institute and jointly created it with Hebei Vocational College of Art The play strives to create a masterpiece with profound thoughts, exquisite art and excellent production. This play has been carefully polished after more than a year of creative rehearsal. During the period, several expert seminars were held, and the drafts were changed seven times and continuously polished.

It is understood that “Young Hero · Wang Erxiao” will premiere on April 10 in Shijiazhuang, Hebei. After the premiere, the “Childlike Heart to the Party” will start a campus tour in Pingshan, Hebei, an old revolutionary district in the Taihang Mountains. The event is expected to carry out 30 touring performances. (End)