Add some graphene, these products become “magic”

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Graphene is a new material with a single-layer sheet structure composed of carbon atoms. It is lighter than air and stronger than steel. With graphene, bendable and foldable screens, thinner and more durable batteries, and smaller processors are no longer a fantasy.

◎Reporter Xie Kaifei, correspondent Guo Wenchen, Li Youjun, Xie Guiling

Graphene is a new material with a single-layer sheet structure composed of carbon atoms. It is lighter than air and stronger than steel. , With its excellent electrical conductivity, light transmittance and toughness, it will play a very large application potential in electronics, energy, environment and other fields.

With graphene, bendable and foldable screens, thinner and more durable batteries, and smaller processors are no longer a fantasy. The reporter visited the Xiamen Graphene Incubation Base on April 1 and found that a group of companies that broke the international monopoly, filled the gaps, and possessed core technologies, based on graphene research and development, started from hot benches, spacecraft batteries, and carbon-based purification materials, and gradually grew into graphite. A “towering tree” in the olefin industry.

The new carbon nanocomposite material gives you the warmth of the hot kang head in cold weather

In Xiamen Zhongyi Hongpu Nano Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongyi Hongpu), technicians sit On the graphene glass heating bench independently developed by the company, this bench can be sprayed with various patterns and will be widely used in major bus stations, parks, tourist attractions and other places in the city.

“The graphene glass heating bench can not only generate heat, but also save energy consumption and antibacterial. In cold winter weather, people sitting on it will enjoy the warmth of the northern hot Kangtou.” The person in charge of Zhongyi Hongpu said .

The graphene industry is listed as a “leading industry” in my country and is leading a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Currently, graphene heating products mainly rely on heating films to generate heat. However, the film itself is a plastic product, so in the process of heating, it will produce thermal expansion and contraction reactions, resulting in short life, performance degradation and increased power consumption.

Add some graphene, these products become “magic”

“We found graphene and carbon Nanotubes are all allotropes of carbon, and they all have their own magical properties. As a sheet structure, graphene has excellent superconductivity in the horizontal direction, while carbon nanotubes are just the opposite, and have superconductivity in the vertical direction. It can be complementary to graphene.” The relevant technical staff of Zhongyi Hongpu told reporters that the researchers effectively combined the two to form a new type of carbon nanocomposite with more excellent superconducting properties, and sprayed directly on the glass through a special process. On fever.

This technology is the first in the world, and the product has been industrialized. In just one year after landing in the Xiamen Torch Graphene Incubator, Zhongyi Hongpu has made a series of important progress: won the Korea 2020 New Technology-New Product Certification Award; graphene infiltrated zinc powder heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating was completed in the National Aviation Materials Institute For various related tests, the next step will be to build an entire large-scale production line to provide research institutes with graphene-infiltrated zinc powder heavy-duty anti-corrosion coatings.

The functional material of carbon fluoride allows lithium batteries to take into account the “double high” performance

Xiamen Funeng Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Funeng Technology) is the Xiamen Torch Graphene New Material Specialty An advanced carbon material company introduced by the incubator. Walking into the production workshop of Funeng Technology, the reporter saw rows of high-temperature fluorination equipment neatly arranged. Several R&D personnel were nervously staring at the control panel and paying attention to the changes in production parameters. The high-temperature reactor is in short supply in the production country. The functional material-fluorinated carbon. “For a long time, the main technology in this field has been in the hands of developed countries such as the United States and Japan, and we are expected to take the lead in realizing the localization of this material.” A relevant person in charge of Funeng Technology told reporters.

Carbon fluoride is currently the world’s highest theoretical energy density solid state cathode material for primary batteries, and has broad application prospects in the fields of electronic devices, biomedicine, and equipment power supplies. Synthetic fluorocarbons are dangerous. The international mainstream fluorocarbon materials can hardly meet the two “double high” requirements of “high energy density” and “high power density”. my country started late in this field. Related research and industry Structure is missing.

Aiming at the large-scale preparation of new fluorocarbon materials, after years of technical research, the technical team of Funeng Technology has formed a large-scale fluorocarbon preparation technology with my country’s independent intellectual property rights, and realized the localization of core materials. It meets the needs of the new generation of miniaturized, hybrid, group, remote, and intelligent aerospace equipment for “double high” lithium batteries.

“At present, the company has completed the construction of more than 700 square meters of R&D laboratory, completed the research on the preparation technology of the long-range and local structure of the power fluorocarbon material, and the construction of the three-dimensional conductive network, breaking through the existing high-power fluorination High-temperature directional fluorination preparation technology of carbon materials.” The relevant person in charge of Funeng Technology revealed that in 2021, the company plans to invest 20 million yuan to build a production line with an annual output of 5 tons of fluorocarbon and nano-fluorocarbon to realize the domestic production of fluorocarbon materials.化.

Graphene electromagnetic shielding film suppresses electromagnetic interference and radiation in the 5G era

In the large and spacious R&D workshop, the research and development of Ketan (Xiamen) New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ketan) Engineers are busy in an orderly manner. On the production line of new carbon-based materials, barrels of high-purity graphene oxide slurry and boxes of new graphene electromagnetic shielding film materials are transported to the outside of the workshop in an orderly manner…</ p>

“This is a series of high-efficiency graphene shielding materials. It has significant advantages such as light and thin, flexible, foldable, flame-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and can meet the needs of different application scenarios of electronic products, defense and aerospace equipment, and power cables.” About Ketan The person in charge said.

The 5G era is coming, and the number of a new generation of highly integrated, high-power and high-frequency electronic devices has increased dramatically, and electromagnetic interference and radiation problems have become increasingly prominent. The development of high-performance electromagnetic shielding materials is an important means to suppress electromagnetic interference and pollution, and it is also an indispensable component to ensure the normal operation of electronic equipment.

However, the current domestic shielding materials have low performance and single products, and high-end shielding materials rely on imports. Therefore, it is urgent to develop a new type of electromagnetic shielding material with light weight, small thickness, good flexibility and better shielding performance.

For this reason, Ketan’s R&D team has innovatively developed core key technologies such as graphene stacking and agglomeration suppression technology, ultra-thin shielding film preparation technology with independent intellectual property rights, and developed graphene-activated carbon High-efficiency shielding materials such as composite materials, ultra-thin graphene membranes and highly elastic porous graphene membranes. At present, the company’s silver-loaded activated carbon materials have been successively used in the purification products of Philips and other manufacturers, and the flexible graphene shielding film will also be used in electronic communication products such as mobile phones.