Agent Pang Mailang: Publicizing his condition is helping him

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Why did you choose to disclose your condition? Do you ask for the consent of your family? What is the economic situation of the cooperation for many years? Bai Xiao exclusively responds to all parties’ queries

Pang Mailang’s agent: he is helping him by disclosing his condition

Agent Pang Mailang: Publicizing his condition is helping him

On March 20, Pang Mailang’s father Pang Dehuai (right) went to Xi’an to meet with Bai Xiao (left). Several media were present on the same day.

Photo by Beijing News reporter Tang Bo

On March 11, 2021, singer Pang Mailang’s manager Bai Xiao announced through social platforms that Pang Mailang had been hospitalized for mental illness. . Later, in an interview, he told the media that Pang Mailang “has not paid for medical expenses and needs social help” at this stage.

Bai Xiao’s successive voices brought Pang Mailang, who had faded out of the public eye, to return to the center of the topic again. It’s just that in this new discussion, his identity is no longer a singer, but a patient, the person who “has been socially dead” in Bai Xiao’s words. Bai Xiao believes that the release of the video means that the relationship between the two has broken. Pang Mailang knows that this matter will not easily forgive him, “If he (from the hospital) is still willing to come to me after he comes out, I will help.” However, regarding Pang Mailang’s future career How to plan is temporarily out of Bai Xiao’s current scope of consideration. For him, what is important now is to “lead traffic.”

After Pang Mailang’s illness was exposed, Pang Mailang’s family did not want to interact with Bai Xiao anymore. In an interview with the media, Pang Mailang’s mother described Bai Xiao as “a very cunning person.” Pang Mailang’s father, Pang Dehuai, said that he had learned the news. Later, he was very angry. He and his wife did not want the child’s condition to be exposed, and Bai Xiao did not obtain their consent for what they did. After seeing the video, Pang Mailang’s cousin called Bai Xiao and told him that he could consider his own interests, but he could not get it by hurting others.

As for the impact of the release of the video on Pang Mailang and his family, Bai Xiao explained that he is in control of the exposure. He emphasized that before the video was released, the marketing account on Weibo had already released information about Pang Mailang’s admission to the hospital. He saw the number of comments on the marketing account and made the exposure decision. This Weibo, which is influential in Bai Xiao’s eyes, had 73 comments as of press time.

On March 18, after being rejected countless times, Bai Xiao finally made a call to Pang Dehuai and persuaded him to come to Xi’an and face the media to explain the situation. Pang Dehuai hesitated and Bai Xiao explained on the phone. Now the Pang family should be on the same front with him, so that it is best for Pang Mailang’s future. On March 20, Pang Dehuai, accompanied by Pang Mailang’s two cousins, met with Bai Xiao in Xi’an. Bai Xiao pointed out that he had already visited several major hospitals in Xi’an and consulted a doctor about Pang Mailang’s condition. Pang Mailang’s cousin asked if he could tell the Pang family the doctor’s name so that they could consult later. Bai Xiao immediately changed his words, “It was the hospital in Beijing that consulted and asked a friend to consult.” During the meeting, Bai Xiao repeatedly persuaded the Pang family to seek help from the society through the media present, and to plan ahead, but they were all refused. Finally, the Pang family clearly stated to the media present that at this stage Pang Mailang’s treatment costs, even if the family’s conditions are not good, but the relatives help each other, they can still cope with it and do not need social help for the time being.

In the information currently available, all the information about fundraising comes from an interview with Bai Xiao. After the meeting that day ended, a reporter from the Beijing News once again asked Pang Dehuai to verify whether Bai Xiao’s previous fundraising information from the society had been allowed, Pang Dehuai said he had never done so. Pang Mailang’s cousin said that he was not sure what Bai Xiao wanted to do with the old man. The family didn’t believe in Bai Xiao. “It feels like he has been planning something. This person doesn’t tell the truth. He finished the video by himself. I called him (Pang Dehuai) and said it had been exposed, and that the doctors and nurses in the hospital did it. The old man did not understand the Internet and was cheated by him.” “For asking for money from the society, he was indeed in our house during the Spring Festival. I mentioned that I was at my brother’s house, I was there, there was a reporter friend and a documentary film director. We all felt unnecessary at the time. No one agreed to him. There were witnesses.”

After the news that Bai Xiao borrowed Pang Mailang’s illness privately to raise funds from the society through the media, a large number of voices questioned him on the Internet, thinking that he wanted to be popular and wanted to make money.

For Bai Xiao, money is not only a key word at this stage, but also a sensitive word. On the one hand, he was too proactive to export to the media the image that Pang Mailang’s musical dreams caused him to be heavily indebted; on the other hand, he was unable to give specific and reasonable explanations for the purpose of these loans and Pang Mailang’s previous financial situation. Many seemingly idealistic expressions generally lack substantive support. However, he is very sure of his expression, skillfully bypasses specific problems, and uses his un-rich life status as an accurate explanation for years of enduring humiliation. Even if the information provided does not match the facts, or even contradicts himself, he will still stick to himself. He believes that no one knows Pang Mailang, only he has the final interpretation of these disputes, “I have spent the most time by his side these years.”

Bai Xiao officially became Pang Mailang’s agent at the end of 2015. At that time, Pang Mailang’s two cousins ​​were both in Xi’an, and often helped Pang Mailang with his performances. Bai Xiao often reveals to them that he knows a lot of celebrities, a lot of agents, and a lot of venue resources. “Later it was discovered that he knew no one, only some resources of the live house.” My cousin remembers the first few performances that Pang Mailang held back in Xi’an. Bai Xiao always persuaded his cousin to ask him to come on stage to sing a few songs before the intermission or before the end. Pang Mailang never agreed and thought he couldn’t do it. At that time, Pang Mailang was already wary of Bai Xiao, and he would ask his cousin for opinions on many things and ask his cousin to keep Bai Xiao a secret. Later, the cousin changed the city because of his job, and did not stay with Pang Mailang to work with, and the contact between the two became less.

During the time when Pang’s family was reluctant to communicate with Bai Xiao, Pang Dehuai once questioned Bai Xiao to reporters who visited—Where did Ming Tao (Pang Mailang’s original name Pang Mingtao) spend his money? Why is it crazy. Bai Xiao’s response to this was that these two questions made me so sad. Bai Xiao admitted that he had had financial disputes with Pang Mailang. In 2018, Pang Mailang once dumped him to perform alone. He deducted 480 yuan for the performance. The two broke off for three months.

2018 was also the beginning of Pang Mailang’s serious illness, and there were many incomprehensible behaviors. Bai Xiao said that during that time he had to sleep on sleeping pills and did not dare to stay alone with Pang Mailang. As for why I did not seek medical treatment in time after discovering the abnormal behavior, did not inform my family members, and continued to arrange work. Bai Xiao said that he had inquired about relevant information, “This disease will get worse when a person is particularly free.” He tried to contact Pang Mailang’s parents and tried to contact his two cousins, but in the end, they all stopped trying. Bai Xiao has always opposed Pang Mailang’s admission to the hospital. His cousin recalled that Bai Xiao once told Pang Dehuai to the effect that as long as Pang Mailang was sent to the hospital, he would expose the matter. “I think it’s funny, it’s up to you how our family treats the illness. Now I think that Bai Xiao may deliberately want to indulge the deterioration of my brother’s condition.”

During the entire interview, Bai Xiao told reporters of the Beijing News several times that everything he did was for the Pang Mailang family. On March 20, after meeting Bai Xiao with Pang’s family, the reporter reminded him that many of the answers in the interview were inconsistent with the facts and whether he needed to answer again. Bai Xiao replied, no need.

The following is a transcript of the dialogue between Bai Xiao’s interview with a reporter from the Beijing News on March 17 and 18.

“The marketing account was posted first, and I only exposed it”

The Beijing News: Why did you want to expose Pang Mailang’s condition? This is not like the behavior of a broker.

Bai Xiao: At that time, I thought about whether or not to postpone this matter. In fact, it would be a better thing to prevent him from going to the hospital.

The Beijing News: He was exposed. It has nothing to do with whether he goes to the hospital or not?

Bai Xiao: But once you are hospitalized, there will definitely be exposure and it will be spread. This is a certain thing. Before I exposed it, I hesitated at the time. No one knew about this and I would not expose it. A big V marketing account was exposed. So at this time, I decided to make a formal statement.

The Beijing News: There are a lot of “news” in the marketing account, and everyone doesn’t care.

Bai Xiao: No, that was exposed by their locals.

Bai Xiao: There have been repercussions, secretly.

The Beijing News: If you admit that it is a marketing account, then it has no real reference value.

Bai Xiao: My friend is a marketing account. After that article was sent out, someone had already started asking and questioning underneath, and after that, it had already begun…The hospital just restricted his personal freedom and couldn’t get very effective treatment.

The Beijing News: If you just want him to get better medical resources, it can be solved by other means, have you tried it? To be specific.

Bai Xiao: Actually, I am under a lot of mental pressure. Personally, it is definitely difficult for me to provide such assistance and help.

“I am qualified to set aside his family for public relations”

The Beijing News: You publish fundraising information through the media, but his (Pang Mailang) father has made it clear that it is not yet Need outside help.

Bai Xiao: You don’t need this, right?

Bai Xiao: But I said there is a need, so what should I do?

The Beijing News: It must be based on his father’s statement.

Bai Xiao: So it’s up to people to say, right and wrong, and wrong.

The Beijing News: Have you discussed with his father?

The Beijing News: Has his father explicitly agreed?

Bai Xiao: (His) father smiled.

The Beijing News: This is not an explicit agreement.

Bai Xiao: Smile and say: Is it really okay?

The Beijing News: What else will you say afterwards?

Bai Xiao: Is it really possible? His father doesn’t believe this can help him. I told him that in the end, when you really encounter difficulties, you still have to use this method, you have to operate. His father said drinking.

The Beijing News: No explicit consent.

Bai Xiao: I agree. This is a PR behavior, and I should do it.

First of all, I saw that the news started to ferment on the Internet. As an agent, I can set aside his family for a public relations process, including some public opinion guidance in the later period, including his later help treatment. I can leave his family aside to do this.

The Beijing News: The opinions of his family are not enough to influence any of your decisions?

Bai Xiao: Yes, including their understanding of his children, I think they are all very superficial, so superficial that I think they are negligent.

The Beijing News: You mentioned earlier that the conversation with Pang Mailang’s father was your private chat before the Spring Festival, and you saw someone on Weibo saying that Pang Mailang was sick for a few hours. Later, I decided to expose myself. During this period of time, have you communicated with Pang Mailang’s father?

Bai Xiao: You are already involved in some oughts or not, or some moral issues.

The Beijing News: It used to be an ethical issue, but now it involves the privacy of patients, the eligibility for fundraising, the use of funds, and so on.

Bai Xiao: Actually, you can talk to his father about this matter again, and I say this, you ask me these questions, if you talk to his father, his father’s answer is definitely Very vague, or will directly deny me.

You ask me now, my head is bigger now, I will be more comfortable not answering these questions.

Let’s put aside the communication with his father, and talk about me and Lao Pang (Pang Mailang). I can answer or not answer other things. I can’t answer some things. If I answer, it will hurt. To his family.

“He has died socially”

The Beijing News: There is a voice that thinks that the current plight of the Pang family was caused by your release of the video?

Bai Xiao: I think it was caused by me, at least I hold the leading power in this matter. If I don’t talk about it, it will be known to more people a few days or a week later, and everyone will be exposed.

The Beijing News: The assumption is meaningless.

Bai Xiao: At that time, there were already many comments on the Internet, and all the data in the background can be checked.

The Beijing News: The background data of a marketing account?

Bai Xiao: Because he is a substantive comment, because people are very concerned about this matter, that is, good things do not go out, bad things spread thousands of miles.

The Beijing News: Do you decide whether to post exposure information based on the data of your marketing account?

Bai Xiao: Yes, including his number of fans you can see, if you personally send it casually, it doesn’t matter, I will send you a private message, and you will delete it immediately. He is a large size, if you ask him to send a message, he will charge you 20,000 yuan.

The Beijing News: Do you think that taking the initiative to expose Pang Mailang’s condition is to help him?

Bai Xiao: I think I am helping him. Because this can already help him to effectively explain all the unreasonable things he did before, including some behaviors and actions that made people very angry. This has been a very reasonable explanation, and everyone will forgive him. There is also that he lives alone in the hospital, and it is meaningless to restrict his freedom all the time.

The Beijing News: There are more important things than these. Will his subsequent life and career be affected by your exposure?

Bai Xiao: He has been socially dead.

His social function has been losing.

The Beijing News: You won’t reach this level before your exposure.

Bai Xiao: However, (exposure) this matter will be exposed sooner or later after being hospitalized. Let me tell you this. Now this incident has just happened, and in another half a month, a month, do you believe that the video of Pang Mailang in the hospital will flow out? After the video comes out, I don’t need to talk about it. Even if I don’t say it, no one will give a formal explanation when the rumor is passed on, and it will be a video. Can you understand it? Video information!

The Beijing News: Are you sure someone made the video?

The Beijing News: You already have a clue, you know someone has done this.

Bai Xiao: Yes, I have a clue…I have no clue.

Beijing News: If Pang Mailang’s video is leaked during the period of hospital custody, someone will be legally responsible.

Bai Xiao: I tell you this, as long as it doesn’t involve me, as long as it doesn’t involve my family, these things will not flow out. None of these things, including Lao Pang, will be spread. This is my information. I will talk about it in one year, two years, and three years.

“He made it, I have been posting money”

Beijing News: Talking about money, everyone is also very concerned about this. You said before that you would take over him (Pang Mailang) At that time, he had more than 2 million in the card, this money?

Bai Xiao: I know he has 2 million. This is what Lao Pang told me, but I don’t know where his money is. This is the money I had before I met. He didn’t show me whether the card had 2 million. He told me that there were more than 2 million. Then his father said that he had more than 2 million yuan, and I don’t know where his money went, but making music, his good accompaniment for a song of 50,000 to 60,000 is normal.

The Beijing News: Not so much, right?

Bai Xiao: I don’t fool you. This is what he said to me. We still have recordings.

The Beijing News: That arrangement is not worth 50,000 or 60,000.

Bai Xiao: We all understand that it is not worth the money. I said Lao Pang, you are not worth the money. Why do you spend so much money on making this music? You can find a cheaper arranger without spending so much money. He contacted any company for music and I would never participate in it. I haven’t participated in it from before to now.

The Beijing News: But the music and finances involved in Pang Mailang are all you express.

Bai Xiao: He told me.

The Beijing News: In fact, you don’t know his real financial situation, do you?

Bai Xiao: But when he spent a lot of money in the early days, I thought his family would be very good, and I thought his parents were very good. I have seen him transfer deposits to others, the deposit is 10,000, how much do you think the arrangement of this song is? I said what percentage of the deposit is generally? He said generally 30%. How much do you calculate for this arrangement? More than 30,000.

The Beijing News: Didn’t you just say fifty or sixty thousand?

Bai Xiao: …I only know that he makes music, and I know that he spends a lot of money to make music. In the future, Lao Pang will tell you that he can’t explain it clearly. He is messed up now, and there is no truth in what he said. I can only say to the outside that he spent on music, but his method of spending 50,000 or 60,000 a month is not enough. In normal life, including the problem of renting a house, I said you should not rent such an expensive one.

Bai Xiao: (Xi’an) Triumph City, a month is more than 4,000, he pays people for two years at a time. I know this is when he finally retired the house and no one went to help him move things. I only learned about it when I used to help him move things. At that time, you would pay 4,000 yuan a month for him to withdraw the house, and you would get 50,000 yuan a year, and you would have to pay for two years at a time.

The Beijing News: The rent was not refunded when I checked out?

Bai Xiao: I didn’t refund, and in the end I still owed someone more than 10,000 or more than 20,000 rent.

The Beijing News: Isn’t the rent paid all at once?

Bai Xiao: Nothing happened. He didn’t pay the property fee later, he dragged it, and dragged it for more than 10,000 yuan. He doesn’t know how to manage money. This is one aspect. I don’t know where he spends his money. He told me that it was more than 2 million. When he returned to Xi’an for a concert, he wanted to find a stadium, which could seat 50,000 people. Then I was looking for a gymnasium, which can seat 8,000 people. I asked how much this is. As a whole, you can just use the venue to give 400,000 yuan. The venue can be used. If you are friends, you can save tens of thousands of dollars. You should be able to use it at 300,000 yuan, but the stage, the stage, and the construction of them. Not responsible at all, that is, the overall construction, you know that a concert construction requires at least a few hundred thousand.

The Beijing News: Did it finally open?

Bai Xiao: It was opened, but not in the gym. A performance cost more than 1 million, which is not considered as an announcement.