At first sight, what the Communist Party of China speaks counts, the “road” of the general secretary is the best witness

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“I said that there must be no one less on the road to poverty alleviation, no one nation must be less. The words of the Chinese, the Communist Party of China, and the leadership of the Communist Party of China count.” Outside the Guangxi Museum of Nationalities, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s remarks were shocking.

At first sight, what the Communist Party of China speaks counts, the “road” of the general secretary is the best witness

Promise not lightly, Xu Zewei. Now all 56 ethnic groups in China have been lifted out of poverty. The battle against poverty has been fully won. The solemn promise of the Party Central Committee has been fulfilled as scheduled.

Today, starting from a few “roads”, the successful codes that create miracles on earth are hidden in them.

This road is “really overwhelming, overwhelming and wading through the thorns”

Xiadang Township in Ningde, Fujian, “nine mountains, half water and half fields”, the rugged road deep in the mountains witnessed the leadership of Comrade Xi Jinping The past events of the masses getting rid of poverty, the “Three Enters and Under the Party” has become a good story.

“That’s really overwhelming.” The secretary of the township party committee took a hatchet and chopped in front. Xi Jinping, then secretary of the prefectural committee, took a bamboo pole and walked along the river.

When serving as the secretary of the prefectural committee of Ningde, Comrade Xi Jinping visited almost all the towns and villages, constantly exploring the way of “the weak bird flies first.” He sighed that if we don’t get rid of poverty in the party, we will be ashamed of the old folks.

Nowadays, the under-dangding moat has been changed into a thoroughfare and the old appearance has been changed. In August 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to the folks who went to the party township, congratulating them on their poverty alleviation. “‘Cheling goes to the sky, and Jiuling climbs for nine years’. The scene of’three advances in the party’ back then is still vivid for me.”

“When the county party committee secretary must go to all the villages “When the secretary of the municipal party committee must travel to all towns and towns, when the secretary of the provincial party committee must travel to all counties and cities,” this simple emotion of “people in the heart” runs through.

“I made a special trip here to see you all to understand our country’s current state of poverty and the actual situation.” After the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country, General Secretary Xi Jinping set foot on the road deep in the Taihang Mountains. Even if the mountains are high and the roads are far away, we have to look at the real poverty and help the real poor.

At the National Congress of the People’s Republic of China in 2017, the general secretary talked about news reports about the “cliff village” in Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan. “It’s very worrying to watch the villagers’ travel status.” After the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, The first stop for him to investigate poverty alleviation was the Daliang Mountain. I walked along the steep and bendable mountain path for more than 2 hours, walked into the village, visited the poor, and sent the care and hope into the depths of the mountains.

At first sight, what the Communist Party of China speaks counts, the “road” of the general secretary is the best witness(1)

From Qinba Mountain Dabie Mountains, from the grasslands in the northern part of the country to the southwestern frontier… General Secretary Xi Jinping used his footsteps to fulfill his promise to walk all the deeply impoverished areas of the country.

This road, “seeking truth from facts, adapting measures to local conditions”

“Relying on the city, introducing intelligence, and accelerating the new strategy of’two transformations’, we have reversed the passive situation for many years. It also brought a new take-off for Zhengding.” On June 17, 1984, the People’s Daily published “The Story of Zhengding”, reporting that Comrade Xi Jinping was exploring the development of a “semi-urban” economy as the secretary of the Zhengding County Party Committee in Hebei. A new way to sum up the “Two Cross Classics” of enriching the people.

From the secretary of the Party branch of the production brigade to the supreme leader of a big country, Comrade Xi Jinping has a personal experience of poverty alleviation. Where is this place poor? Why is it poor? What are the advantages? What self-reliance can be accomplished? What needs to rely on the above help and support to complete? On Comrade Xi Jinping’s poverty alleviation road, there are not only deep and shallow footprints in the fields, but also guides to get rid of poverty:

We cordially asked the students about their learning progress at Siyuan Experimental School in Changjiang County, Hainan; National Training Program (2014) “The teachers in the Guizhou training class of Beijing Normal University wrote back to encourage them to take root in the west and serve the students…”

From the white tea of ​​Anji, Zhejiang to the apples of Liangjiahe, from the fungus of Zhashui, Shaanxi to the yellow flowers of Datong, Shanxi… “Developing industry is the fundamental way to achieve poverty alleviation.”

The new house at Daiwa White Wall in Huanghuatan Ecological Immigration Zone, Gulang County, Gansu Province is spacious and bright; generations of Xihaigu immigrants have come to Minning Town… “Immigration relocation is an effective way to fight poverty” .

At first sight, what the Communist Party of China speaks counts, the “road” of the general secretary is the best witness(2)

The road walked by the feet As it gets longer and longer, the exploration of the path to poverty alleviation has become clearer.

There are hundreds of different kinds of poverty, and there are thousands of different ways to help the poor. It is no stranger to the scene where General Secretary Xi Jinping and the needy people plan the way to get out of poverty and get rich.

“Poverty alleviation is about seeking truth from facts, adapting measures to local conditions, categorized guidance, and precise poverty alleviation.”

On this road, “a nation must not be less. Come on, work hard, and take a long march.”


When working in the Ningde area of ​​Fujian Province many years ago, Comrade Xi Jinping remembered a saying of the ancient Chinese: “A person who is good for a country will meet the people like his parents’ beloved son, and his brother’s beloved younger brother will feel hungry and cold. Sorry, I see its hard work and sadness.”

Today, a large developing country with a population of 1.4 billion has completed the arduous task of eradicating absolute poverty and has created another miracle in the annals of history.

The millennium dream is coming true today, but the dream will never die and the struggle will never cease. The new journey of building a socialist modern country has begun, and a brand-new blueprint has burst out.

In this Guangxi inspection, General Secretary Xi Jinping walked into Maozhushan Village, Caiwan Town, Guilin. He said affectionately to the villagers: “The depth, breadth, and difficulty of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization are no less than poverty alleviation. There must not be any thoughts of taking a breather and taking a break. We must continue to struggle from a new starting point to promote the common prosperity of all people and achieve more obvious substantive progress.”

At first sight, what the Communist Party of China speaks counts, the “road” of the general secretary is the best witness(3)

Good days are the result of struggle, poverty alleviation is not the end, but a new life. The starting point of struggle.

Facing the future, General Secretary Xi Jinping leads the way forward: “We cannot stop yet. Next, we must move on to the new journey of the second century of struggle. The Long March!”

Facing the new challenges and new tasks that have emerged in the new era, it is precisely the centuries-old Chinese Communist Party that never forgets its path, strives to become stronger, and takes firmer steps.