Baidu and CITIC Publishing Group jointly build multi-scenario knowledge content conversion

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China News Service, April 25. On April 23, World Book Day, Baidu and CITIC Publishing Group reached a strategic cooperation, based on the advantages of Baidu’s mobile ecology and the first-class author resources and high-quality content creation capabilities of CITIC Publishing at home and abroad. It will dig deeper in content value and innovative communication, and create a unique “intelligent platform integrating shared publishing, content creation, reading and sharing” for hundreds of millions of content creators and information demanders.

Shen Dou, Executive Vice President of Baidu Group, Chen Wei, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of CITIC Publishing Group, Ping Xiaoli, Vice President of Baidu and General Manager of Baidu App, Wang Yuanyuan, Deputy General Manager of CITIC Publishing Group, and General Manager of Baijiahao Yang Li, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of CITIC Publishing Group, Fang Xi, cultural scholar, cultural and creative investor, and author of “Traditional Chinese Colors” Guo Hao, National Health Commission’s “Infant Early Development” project training lecturer, “Scientific Parenting” project expert, Zhu Fangyi, author of “Understanding Children’s Emotions”, Zhu Xiaojuan, the author of Garden Traveler, “My World is a Garden”, and partners from the industry and media attended and witnessed the strategic announcement.

Intelligence, scene-oriented, in-depth and value-oriented are the key words of this cooperation.

Shen said: “Our cooperation with CITIC Publishing Group not only presents content to everyone, but also allows our creators, authors, editors, and all partners in the content production industry chain to use the mobile Internet. Shanghai is truly active, communicating with users up close, accepting user feedback, and producing better quality content.”

Baidu and CITIC Publishing Group jointly build multi-scenario knowledge content conversion

Chen Wei, deputy secretary of the party committee of CITIC Publishing Group, said that the importance of reliable knowledge and information is now becoming more prominent, and publishing remains authoritative and rigorous. As an important source of knowledge, CITIC Publishing will work with leading scholars and think tanks at home and abroad to continue to provide high-quality content.

He said: “In this strategic cooperation, CITIC Publishing’s excellent author resources and content advantages will work with Baidu’s powerful AI technology to build a cross-scenario, rich and reliable content system, forming a strong The AI ​​technology as the underlying content conversion. CITIC Publishing will firmly wrap and infiltrate the algorithmic position with humanities and ideas. It is believed that under the promotion of digitization and intelligence, the dissemination of knowledge will be more sustainable and effective.”


p >Multi-form and multi-scenario help digital content improvement

As of December 2020, Baidu APP’s monthly active users reached 544 million, the average daily search volume exceeded 6 billion, and the average daily information flow recommendation exceeded 15 billion. Based on the extremely high traffic monetization value, the prosperity and development of Baidu’s mobile ecology has created a good creative environment for creators. The financial report for the fourth quarter of 2020 shows that the number of Baijiahao creators reached 3.8 million, and the growth rate of original authors exceeded 200%. These creators are also continuously supplying Baidu’s content ecology.

Since its establishment, CITIC Publishing Group has included 13,000 authors at home and abroad, and has reached cooperation with more than 2,000 author economic institutions and think tanks. In 2020, the scale of CITIC publishing market ranks first among single publishing houses in the country, and the market share of books in finance, social sciences, and lifestyle categories ranks first. In 2020, when the epidemic is testing the market, CITIC Publishing’s performance has bucked the trend and hit a record high.

This cooperation between Baidu and CITIC Publishing Group will upgrade the diversified content forms and scenarios through the empowerment of AI, connecting high-quality content creators and content demanders.

“On the one hand, achieving more creators, on the other hand, enriching Baidu’s content ecology, this has always been our unswerving ecological development concept.” Yang Ling said.

Baidu will upgrade the AI ​​play in the content industry from the familiar “distribution + recommendation” to “a comprehensive upgrade of the diversification of content forms and scenarios”. Explore more possibilities for content innovation in each scenario.

Based on the “young scene”, Baidu launched the “youth mode” product function. After turning on this function, young users can easily obtain personalized customized content; for users with clear needs in the “search scene”, Baidu will adopt Search optimization, prioritized presentation, and targeted production have transformed the knowledge reserves of CITIC Publishing experts and authors into high-value and highly instructive content that users can easily obtain.

At the same time, Baidu Baijiahao and CITIC Publishing will jointly launch the first graphic-text-to-video science column “Believe It or Not” around “seeing the scene”, which will transfer the professional science content published by CITIC through graphics and text. AI technologies such as videos, 3D avatars and personalized languages ​​are presented more vividly, making professional content more interesting and interactive.

In addition, Baidu will also cooperate with CITIC Publishing to create new content products that serve “listening scenes”, develop hierarchical voice readings for users of different attributes, interpret the original texts in grades, and even combine speech synthesis to produce Product versions with different reading styles allow high-quality content to lower the threshold of dissemination and reach more users.

Fang Xi expressed that he hopes to work with Baidu to create a super content production system, truly open the boundaries of books, and at the same time create a people-centered knowledge chain, so that outstanding authors of CITIC Publishing can not only focus on books In addition to the cooperation with CITIC, the content has also been transformed into multiple scenarios. When the authors of CITIC Publishing signed the contract, they were not only cooperating with CITIC Publishing, but also meant that CITIC Publishing’s strategic partners would provide authors with powerful resource blessings.

Continue to focus on the growth of authors and accelerate the development of pan-knowledge content

Baidu also focuses on the growth of creators and is committed to providing creators with the best display stage and growth environment.

Baidu will open search direct access, search business cards, Baijiahao homepage, content aggregation and other display rights for high-quality authors, helping creators move from behind the scenes to the front stage, allowing users to experience lively and vivid content, which is helpful Establish direct contact between the two parties.

At the press conference, the two parties announced that Baidu Baijiahao will jointly launch the “Knowledge Idol Project” with CITIC Publishing Group to provide contract creators in the five major fields of culture, parenting, tourism, fitness, and emotion. Traffic support, and content incubation, through paid columns, boutique columns, e-book sales and other forms to explore the possibility of closed business and service closed loops, and empower creators to grow.

At the press conference, Guo Hao, author of “Traditional Chinese Colors”, cultural scholar, and cultural and creative investor, and author of “Understanding Children’s Emotions”, family education expert, parent-child communication expert, and psychological counselor Zhu Fangyi , Speaking separately on behalf of the authors of CITIC Publishing, sharing their experiences on knowledge dissemination and content creation, and jointly holding a knowledge idol signing ceremony.

It is understood that Baidu Baijiahao will also jointly develop diversified commercial products with CITIC Publishing Group, and launch a matrix of multi-vertical paid columns and exclusive boutique columns around the first batch of contracted authors. At present, Baidu Baijiahao and CITIC Publishing have cooperated to launch two paid columns of Zhu Fangyi, a well-known family education expert. In the future, there will be many types of high-quality columns focusing on the content of CITIC publications.

At the same time, CITIC Publishing will focus on Baidu’s top question and answer, organize domestic and foreign experts and authors to provide corresponding answers, and provide book purchase services to upgrade the service chain of content production + content consumption.

“We hope that more outstanding authors from the publishing industry will join us, grow together with us, and grow into a’super knowledge idol’ on our platform. We also hope that the content can be improved through Baidu’s superior resources. Creators have more scenes to achieve themselves and influence the world.” Yang Ling said.

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Under the new development pattern , Baidu and CITIC Publishing Group will break the boundaries with new formats, use the new kinetic energy of “content + AI”, use high-quality content and strong technological capabilities to enhance my country’s cultural self-confidence, and inject fresh science and technology into the country’s development. Cultural power.