Beijing “Civilized Dog Raising Convention” is released

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The “Civilized Dog Raising Convention” is released.

The theme activity of “Civilized Dog Raising in Action” is fully launched online and offline and will continue to the end of December.

Beijing “Civilized Dog Raising Convention” is released

At the event site, dog handlers conducted on-site demonstration teaching

News from our newspaper (Reporter (Wang Wei) “To get a dog certificate at the first time, it’s the most important to give it a status; check the body and get vaccinated, no disease, no disaster, no troubles…” Yesterday morning, it was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Committee’s Propaganda Department, Capital Spiritual Civilization Office, and Beijing Women’s Federation. The 2021 “Civilized Dog Raising in Action” theme publicity and practice activities and the “Along with Cute Pets and Civilization” spring accompanying competition was officially launched in the Mengjupai Pet Park. The “Civilized Dog Raising Convention” was officially released at the event site.

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned that the Beijing Municipal Civilized Behavior Promotion Regulations will be implemented on June 1, 2020. Among them, walking a dog without traction and cleaning up a dog has become one of the key uncivilized behaviors. ; From May 1, 2021, the new “Animal Epidemic Prevention Law of the People’s Republic of China” will be implemented soon. Dog walking and leashing will be officially written into the law, and civilized dog breeding is getting more and more attention.

The “Civilized Dog Raising in Action” theme publicity and practice activity aims to lead citizens to practice the concept of green environmental protection and consciously fulfill their social responsibilities through the selection of civilized dog raising families, demonstration communities, and publicity personnel (teams). Propagating and implementing the “Regulations on the Promotion of Civilized Behavior of Beijing”, guiding citizens and friends to abide by the norms of civilized behavior, and promoting the creation of a civilized city based on the first good standards are also effective ways to improve uncivilized behavior and further improve the civilized index of Beijing citizens’ public behavior.

Yesterday’s “Civilized Dog Raising in Action” theme activity site, promoted 30 civilized dog raising experts, 20 civilized dog raising demonstration communities, and 10 excellent civilized dog raising in the city. Members (propaganda groups) were commended.

Civilized dog raising not only requires dog owners to improve their own literacy, but also needs to further enhance dog training awareness, improve dog training skills, and cultivate “educated” dogs. The dog handlers who came to the scene also gave live demonstrations Teaching, and specially held the “accompanied by cute pets and civilization” spring accompanying competition. Running along, challenging the bubble pool, crawling through obstacles, using tools to pick up dog poop… More than 50 groups of dog-raising families participated in the competition. The competition was fierce and fun.

It is reported that in 2021, the “Civilized Dog Raising in Action” theme publicity and practice activities will be promoted simultaneously online and offline, and will continue until the end of December. The Capital Civilization Office will cooperate with the City Women’s Federation to launch a series of selection activities such as “Civilized Dog Raising Families”, “Civilized Dog Raising Demonstration Community” and “Civilized Dog Raising Propaganda (Group)”, leading the new fashion of civilized “pet raising”.

Photographer/Reporter Hao Yi