“Big Heroine” Di Lieba: Want to have Li Changge’s strong heart

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China News Service Client, Beijing, April 16th (Reporter Yuan Xiuyue) “Li Changge is brave, strong, wise, and a woman with a sense of family and country.”

Recently, The TV series “Long Song Xing” starring Di Lieba is currently on the air. The beginning of the story involves the famous “Xuanwu Gate Change” in history, but the focus of the TV series is not on historical details, but the daughter of Li Jiancheng, Li Changge. After her parents were killed, her personal growth and her family and national feuds became the main line of the story.

Since her debut, Di Lieba has acted in many costume dramas, but there are not many cool heroines like Li Changge. She said that Li Changge is the one that has the fastest and deepest resonance among the roles she has filmed.

“Big Heroine” Di Lieba: Want to have Li Changge’s strong heart

“Li Changge is in the play The character with the fastest and deepest resonance”

The TV series “Long Song Xing” is adapted from the cartoon of the same name by the cartoonist Xia Da. The story of revenge. On the way to escape, Li Changge wisely broke the conspiracy, and together with the prefect of Yuzhou, resisted the power of the grassland. After many hardships, he finally realized that peace under heaven is the welfare of the people, and finally put aside his personal grievances.

In recent years, there have been many major heroines, but heroines like Li Changge still bring a lot of freshness to the audience. Some netizens commented that Li Changge is courageous and strategic, and is a truly independent and self-improving heroine.

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Dilrabaye Analysis shows that Li Changge’s growth line is very clear, and his personality is also layered. After experiencing the accident of her parents being killed, she still chooses to live strong. From revenge at the beginning, to gradually abandoning selfish interests, to serve the country as her home, to the search for Taoism and enlightenment, and to become stronger step by step, she has experienced a lot. Things, and rely on yourself from start to finish.

Before the remake into a film and television series, Xia Da’s comic “Long Song Xing” has many fans, and has won many anime awards. The first time he came into contact with this type of role, Di Lieba went to read the original comics the first time, and did a lot of preparation.

“Long Song is the one that I entered the role the fastest and has the deepest empathy. I don’t need to distinguish between them, because when I get to the shooting scene, the atmosphere can make me believe, and I can also have a belief. Feeling,” she said.

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“Want to own Li Changge A strong heart”

In the play, Li Changge was raised as a boy since he was a child. He is determined in his heart and strong in martial arts. He is very strong in willpower, action, and persuasiveness. He has a strong heart. In this regard, Di Lieba also expressed envy and wanted to have all the power of Li Changge.

Li Changge was not weak in the face of changes. He vowed to avenge his parents and successfully escaped in rounds up many times. However, she is not a person who has been dazzled by hatred and has no bottom line. She vowed not to let Youzhou fall into the Ashle Ministry, and she also resisted the grassland forces with the prefect of Yuzhou. She hates the people who make her family ruined, but she is still a citizen of Datang.

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Di Lieba said The most attractive thing about Li Changge is that her thinking is very clear, and she knows how to grow up. “Although she has encountered a lot of things, she knows how to deal with these things correctly, and she knows how to deal with these things correctly. In her body, she can absorb some good things like a sponge. I think this is very important.”

In her opinion, Li Changge loses the person he loves every time, but in the process of losing In the middle, she learned how to love and how to protect the person she loves. She thinks this reflects the “strong” point in Li Changgeqiang’s heart. “Some things in her, such as personality, three views, and feelings will infect me. The character has a very strong sense of hierarchy, and as she grows, I am also growing.”

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“I can’t feel the age difference in performance with Lei Wu”

In the play, Wu Lei’s Ashele Falcon is also an important role, he is the adopted son of East Turkic Jie Li Khan. He and Li Changge didn’t know each other, and they belonged to rival camps, which can be described as “love each other and kill each other.” In the end, Changge decides to give up his personal enmity, and Ashley Falcon also fights against the Great Khan in order to save Changge.

The CP of Ashley Falcon and Li Changge is called “Song Falcon” by drama fans. Outside the play, the two actors are 7 years apart. In this regard, Di Lieba said that he did not feel the age difference in the performance with Wu Lei. “He is a very professional and serious actor. He is like a brother older than you. He is very good at taking care of your emotions. For example, in the scene where Chang Ge and Ah Fal roll down from the roof of the building, he added a head guard. For details, I will also ask me if it hurts and if I fell where I fell. I am very mature and attentive.”

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In the play, Di Lieba’s most impressive scene was the scene where Atou died. A Dou was the apprentice Li Changge received when he was hunted down. He was loyal and enthusiastic, and helped Changge a lot. When Ashley Falcon pretended to be the Tang army, he would rather sacrifice himself to pass on the information. Di Lieba revealed that Adou’s phrase “I am a general” moved her very much, and she couldn’t help crying during the audition.

Last year, “Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book” also aroused an upsurge in drama pursuits. Which role, Feng Jiu and Li Changge, played more enjoyable? Di Lieba said that in fact, each has its own enjoyment. Feng Jiu is a clever little fox who works hard for love; Li Changge is a woman who can be literate and martial, persevering and bright, with a sense of family and country, and has a stronger career aspiration.

But if only in terms of dress and makeup, she still prefers Li Changge. “Because the makeup and hair time is very short, it usually takes two hours for girls in ancient costumes to make up and hair, but because of a character like Li Changge, I only need to wrap my hair for about 20 minutes, and my makeup and hair will be completed.” (End)