Brazil has more than 90,000 new confirmed cases in a single day, and the total number of confirmed cases exceeds 13.19 million

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Over 90,000 new confirmed cases in Brazil in a single day, over 13.19 million confirmed cases

China News Service, Sao Paulo, April 7th (Reporter Mo Chengxiong) Brazil Ministry of Health, local The data released at 18:00 on the 7th showed that there were 92,625 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Brazil that day, and a total of 13,193,205 confirmed cases; 3,829 new deaths and a total of 340,776 deaths; a total of 11,664,158 cases were cured.

The Brazilian Federal Chamber of Deputies passed a proposal on the 7th to allow private companies in Brazil to purchase and vaccinate their employees with the new crown vaccine, but the premise is that the private company must first donate a part of the new crown vaccine to the Brazilian Public Medical System (SUS). The proposal also allows private companies to purchase new crown vaccines authorized by foreign institutions recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), without requiring registration or authorization from the Brazilian Health Inspection Agency (Anvisa).

Brazil has more than 90,000 new confirmed cases in a single day, and the total number of confirmed cases exceeds 13.19 million


p > The results of a clinical survey involving 67,000 medical workers released by a Brazilian research institution on the 7th showed that the China Kexing vaccine has a good preventive effect against the P.1 variant of the new coronavirus found in the Amazon region of Brazil. The agency stated that China’s Coxing Vaccine has continued to be effective in preventing the P.1 variant of the new crown virus discovered in Brazil, and can be used to prevent new variants of the new crown virus worldwide.

The Sao Paulo state government stated on the 7th that the state will start vaccinating 67-year-olds with the new crown on April 14th, and the 66-year-old and 65-year-olds will start vaccinating on April 21.

Sao Paulo State’s New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Emergency Center said on the same day that the state’s “emergency phase” epidemic prevention measures implemented from March 15 to April 11 have achieved significant results. The state’s new coronary pneumonia patients are severely ill. The utilization rate of intensive care unit (ICU) beds has shown a downward trend, and the state will decide on April 9 whether to end the implementation of emergency anti-epidemic measures.

As of now, Brazil ranks second in the world in terms of cumulative number of confirmed cases and number of deaths, second only to the United States. São Paulo State, where the epidemic is most severe, has a total of 2,576,362 confirmed cases and 79,443 deaths. (End)