China sends the most friendly signal to India!

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This should be the most friendly signal China has sent to India in recent times!

At the press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 23, when asked how to help India fight the epidemic, the spokesperson Zhao Lijian said:

“…China’s response to the recent domestic epidemic in India We express our sincere condolences on the deterioration of the situation. The Chinese government and people firmly support the Indian government and people in fighting the epidemic, and are willing to provide support and assistance according to the needs of the Indian side. We are maintaining communication with the Indian side on this. The Chinese side believes that the Indian people will be able to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible.”</ p>

On the previous day, spokesperson Wang Wenbin also said:

“…The Chinese side has noticed that the domestic epidemic situation in India is severe recently, and there is a temporary shortage of epidemic prevention and medical supplies. We are willing to control the epidemic for India. Provide necessary support and help.”

In a word, China is willing to extend a helping hand.

Because the current India is indeed too miserable and terrible.

I just watched a BBC video. After watching the first few shots, I really can’t bear to watch it anymore.

The first shot is just one sentence: The COVID-19 pandemic has never been seen before in India.

In the second scene, an Indian woman pulls her husband lying on a mobile bed and asks people to let them: my husband’s condition is very bad, let me pass…

The third shot, the cruelest sentence: Many of them cannot survive tonight.

In the fourth scene, an Indian man is crying: Sir (doctor), just one minute, look at my wife, please…

This is just an Indian hospital The few shots outside the door are the epitome of India at the moment, and we are witnessing the most terrible tragedy.

China sends the most friendly signal to India!

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1, only on April 22, India newly diagnosed 33 2,921 people. This is the highest new record in a single day in the world since the outbreak of the epidemic. One day in India is more than three times the total number of confirmed cases in China so far.

  1. On April 22, there were 2263 new deaths in India. In the past week, an average of more than 1,600 people died every day, which is equivalent to more than 66 deaths every hour.

3, reality is more cruel than imagined. According to reports, in some crematoriums in India, gas stoves and wood stoves have been operating for too long, causing metal parts to melt, and crematoriums in crematoriums burned out.

What is hell on earth, this is hell on earth.

Seeing that the BBC has an analysis, this is what it said:

At the end of 2020, officials of the Indian Central Bank announced that India has reversed the epidemic curve. The situation seems to be very good…The ecstasy that the virus has been defeated has gradually escalated since the end of last year. Politicians, policy makers, and some media all believe that India is really out of danger.

As a major vaccine producer, since January, India, which has cooperated with the United Kingdom and independently developed the new crown vaccine at the same time, has begun to promise and actually deliver vaccines to dozens of countries. This is regarded as vaccine diplomacy. The Indian media has praised Prime Minister Modi as a “vaccine master”…

Various religious activities and elections have been held, and many people no longer wear masks, as if the epidemic is already underway India has disappeared. I don’t know. What follows is a catastrophe. All the so-called successes have disappeared. Anyway, Modi’s white beard has become longer and longer recently…

Indifference in hygiene awareness, and The rapid mutation of the virus has exacerbated its spread.

China sends the most friendly signal to India!(1)

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There is another reason I have to say.

That is a run on medical resources.

In many countries, what is most afraid of is not the epidemic, but the medical run. Judging from the practice in many countries, as long as there are enough beds and medical supplies, many people can always be rescued even if they get sick.

The most urgent thing now is oxygen.

It is not a ventilator, but a direct lack of oxygen.

According to reports, because the hospital’s oxygen supply is in short supply, many Indian patients have to wait to die. Therefore, the BBC’s cold words “many of them cannot survive tonight”.

It is said that in the central Indian city of Nashik, a hospital’s main oxygen tank leaked, causing the interruption of oxygen supply and killing at least 22 people.

So the angry New Delhi judge called on Modi to quickly find a way to solve the problem of shortage of medical resources: “Go beg! Go borrow! Go steal! Go import!”

It’s really miserable. The tragedy we feared the most was first in the United States and Britain, and now it was staged in India.

Today, let’s just say two things briefly.

First, viruses are not political.

I really don’t talk about politics. You know, India is a major vaccine producer, and even the BBC said that Modi was praised as a “vaccine master.” But in a blink of an eye, the epidemic hit like a tsunami, medical resources were run on, and now even oxygen is in short supply.

Thunderbolt means the bodhisattva’s heart. It’s really unsatisfactory to be careless! From one aspect, it also highlights the importance of a country’s governance level. Human life is a matter of life, and there is no chance of luck, otherwise, I am really sorry to the tens of thousands of people.

China sends the most friendly signal to India!(2)

Second, The whole world must fight the epidemic together.

After China sent a friendly signal, I saw some Indian media also reported. But what is a bit confusing is that the headline of a report in The Times of India reads: “China expresses its readiness to assist, but India seeks oxygen (imports) from other places.”

In other words, China is not considered.

I don’t know the true or false. But at this time, it is still such an attitude that makes some Indians angry, and some people ridicule, “If India still talks about ideology on public health issues, then ask for more blessings.”