China Telecom’s rural information infrastructure will be fully covered by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period

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China News Service, Changsha, April 12 (Wang Haohao) The “China Telecom Digital Village White Paper (V1.0)” (hereinafter referred to as the “White Paper”) released in Changsha on the 12th revealed that by the “14th Five-Year Plan” At the end, China Telecom’s rural information infrastructure will achieve full coverage; by 2035, deep coverage will be achieved, and the service capabilities of the digital rural cloud platform will be fully enhanced.

On the same day, China Telecom’s Digital Village National Promotion Conference was held in Changsha, and China Telecom’s Digital Village Cloud Platform was officially released.

In recent years, the construction of Digital China is in full swing. The digital village is an important part of the digital China blueprint, and the rural infrastructure is the main content of the development of the digital village.

The “White Paper” revealed that as of the end of 2020, the total number of broadband users in China’s rural areas reached 142 million, and the proportion of optical fiber and 4G in administrative villages exceeded 98%. China Telecom’s digital village construction includes content such as rural information infrastructure and digital village middle stations.

In terms of rural information infrastructure, China Telecom will adhere to the strategic direction of “network is the foundation, cloud is the core, network moves with the cloud, and cloud-network integration”, accelerate the construction of a new information infrastructure of cloud-network integration, and continue Promote the construction of rural 5G networks to meet the differentiated needs of agricultural and rural industries such as “5G + smart agriculture”, “5G + beautiful countryside”, “5G + agricultural live broadcast delivery” and other agricultural and rural industries for low latency, wide connectivity, and network security; through optical fiber networks, 5G Smart broadband packs the entire village into the network, allowing farmers to truly experience the high-speed network experience, while providing rich, fast and efficient data information services for farmers’ production, life, education, medical care, and elderly care.

China Telecom’s rural information infrastructure will be fully covered by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period


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For rural digital middle-stations, China Telecom will collect, store, analyze and visualize the use of rural farmland, water conservancy, meteorology, human settlements and other data to form a complete rural basic resource database, combined with China In the fields of agriculture and rural areas, digital government, health care, and other fields, telecommunications will converge and process big data and open operating systems, strengthen the digital management of basic digital rural resources, and support the interconnection and open sharing of government information systems and public data.

Li Zhengmao, general manager of China Telecom Group Co., Ltd. said that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, China Telecom will focus on implementing three major projects: digital rural infrastructure construction, digital rural application innovation, and digital rural information services for farmers. Digitalization is used to promote the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas, to help realize high-quality and high-efficiency agriculture, livable and business-friendly rural areas, and affluent farmers. (End)