Discover the power of excellence, the annual ranking ceremony of Wanshang Club came to a successful conclusion

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On April 23, the Wanshang Club Annual Ranking Ceremony was held in Beijing Grand Hyatt Hotel. The event was based on the theme of “Going with Excellence”, and the theme sharing session of “Listening to the Excellent Voice” was created, and the ranking representatives were invited to the scene. , Bringing wonderful output of opinions and sharing of dry goods, and launching the “Light of Excellence” awards ceremony and exchange dinner to encourage industry benchmarks and build a platform for industry elite exchanges.

Discover the power of excellence, the annual ranking ceremony of Wanshang Club came to a successful conclusion

This event brings together China Resources , Powerlong, Aegean Sea, Youke Workshop and other outstanding companies; Shanghai SCPG Nanxiang MEGA, Beijing Daxing Joy Spring Breeze, Shanghai Bailian TX Huaihai, Hangzhou Tianmuli and other outstanding projects; Bubble Mart, Wei Among the outstanding domestic brands such as Lai and Perfect Diary, hundreds of leaders and scholars of China’s commercial real estate industry gathered together to talk about business innovation and the future, and discuss new business trends.

Connect outstanding forces to build a communication platform for industry development

The Wanshang Club, established on April 13, 2005, is the most influential business and commercial real estate professional in China One of the organizations. After 15+ years of development, 700+ professional salons have been organized, with 10,000+ close and non-close members, professionals covering TOP100 domestic commercial real estate enterprises and benchmarking projects, and covering government, industry organizations, capital, development, and planning Design, operation management, asset management, media, professional institutions and other industry chain professionals.

The annual ranking of Wanshang Club was initiated by Wanshang Club in 2015. The participating projects were recommended and selected by 300 senior practitioners in China’s commercial and commercial real estate industry. The spirit of “niche” has been successfully released for 6 years so far, and it is one of the most credible and influential professional rankings in China’s commercial and commercial real estate industry.

After six years, Wanshang Club held the Wanshang Club’s annual ranking ceremony for the first time. The founder of Wanshang Club Yang Zexuan said in his speech that the original intention of Wanshang Club for the first annual ranking ceremony is to connect. While focusing on the power of industry models, it also connects with outstanding people, companies, projects, and brands. Go with excellence and stimulate new potential in China’s business.

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Rotating Chairman of Wanshang Club Zhou Peng said in his speech that Wanshang Club not only made the annual ranking list, but also made the evaluation standard of shopping mall customer satisfaction. The purpose is to stand on the client side and use the data to present product evaluation. We are strict with ourselves. In order to make the products more excellent, I hope Wanshang Club can grow up with industry people and move towards excellence.

Listen to the outstanding voices, and the leaderboard representatives bring wonderful views

Taking the stones of other mountains to attack the jade, taking advantage of the strengths of a hundred families to benefit yourself, the annual ranking of the Wanshang Club Dadian created a theme sharing session of “Listening to the Outstanding Voice” and invited representatives of the annual rankings to share themes from three aspects: outstanding companies, outstanding projects, and outstanding brands, to contribute wonderful and valuable views and content to the industry.

Wei Xiaohua, vice president of China Resources Vientiane Life: High-quality asset-light projects should be a way to achieve a win-win situation for society, owners and managers. Only in this way can social resources, especially high-quality resources, give full play to their value.

Chen Deli, Co-President of Powerlong Real Estate and Chief Executive Officer of Powerlong Commercial: Powerlong Commercial has released a five-year strategy. What can Powerlong bring in the next five years? In summary, there are three sentences: First, strategic focus. The second is diversified development, and the third is a valuable ecology.

Zhou Yuheng, vice president of Aegean Group: In the future, the content we want to pursue is to be driven by services. After we have done a good job in the ecology of various circles and people, we will create some different content, not just create products. , But to construct material, emotional and spiritual satisfaction.

Mao Daqing, founder of Youke Workshop and Sharing World: Commercial real estate renewal is an important part of urban renewal. Commercial real estate should eliminate the inherent concept of investment promotion and discover and expand the scene in social consumption. Behind the scene is the community. Whoever masters the community will have the opportunity to reconstruct the scene.

Liu Pan, deputy general manager of Shanghai Nanxiang Impression City MEGA: There are four major economic cities in Nanxiang Impression City, and there are more than 40,000 companies. We use Fuka to promote corporate group purchases. This is 2021 The goal of the year. In addition, we will achieve total sales of over 2.5 billion, and more than 50 stores with annual sales of over 10 million.

Xu Wenjun, assistant general manager of Bealead TX Huaihai: In the current era of younger consumption, young people are becoming more and more obscure about the concept of brand hierarchy. They prefer trendy things that can express their individuality. Under this trend, TX Huaihai focuses on the young trend culture from three aspects: first, insisting on promoting the national trend, second, making good use of the community economy, and third, art first.

Wu Tong, general manager of Beijing Daxing Joy Spring Breeze: Joy City has existed for 15 years. We need Joy City to have inheritance and provide loyal fans who have accumulated 15 years of scenes where they can still consume. This is one of the values ​​in Joy Spring.

Hou Jie, deputy general manager of business operations in Tianmuli: Concentration means to concentrate on your own products. The root is not to rely on publicity, gimmicks, and not to be a temporary influencer, but to do it. Experts, to be the industry leader, professionalism must be recognized by the market.

Xiao Yang, vice president of POP MART: Our positioning is to become China’s Bubble Mart. We are inclusive of all rivers, and our heart is toward the sea. We will persist in innovating, creating trends, delivering beauty, unswervingly doing it, and becoming a great company and the pride of China.

Nie Xinghua, Director of NIO Network Development and Management Department: In addition to providing cars and services, NIO is also building a community for sharing joy and growing together. Every year, Weilai will have an important event, through the voting of all users around the world, vote for the venue of the event.

Che Zhengyu, Director of New Retail Expansion Channels of Perfect Diary’s parent company Yixian E-commerce, said in his speech: Where is the starting point for making Chinese cosmetics? We can sum up four points here: First, focus on brand building, second, strengthen product capabilities, third, multi-channel development strategy, and fourth, focus on social responsibility.

Suoshan, Director of Reyd: In terms of market space, including land supply and final transaction probability, first- and second-tier cities do enter the stock market, but third- and fourth-tier cities include many regional cities, and they are still increasing. market. When evaluating business vitality, we should not look at the so-called first-tier and second-tier, but pay attention to the unique consumption characteristics of each city.

After more than ten guests shared their wonderful views, two industry reports were released at the event site. Among them, Gao Hui, China’s representative of the World Duty Free Association, brought the industry report “A Global Perspective on China’s Duty Free”. She believes that the duty-free industry is a very traditional industry that has always relied on natural passenger flow and brands to continuously increase sales and Growth, but from the perspective of industry development, it has always been closely related to capital, geopolitics, economic development, and the shift of focus.

At the same time, Sun Juan, the Asset Management Committee of Wanshang Club, also brought the industry report release of the “Wanshang Asset Management Series Standard Promotion Plan”, which systematically introduced the past, Now and in the future, it also stated that the original intention of Wanshang Club to make asset management series of standards is to bring more contributions to the industry.

Being with excellence, Wanshang’s annual rankings held an award ceremony for the first time

The most anticipated link in the Wanshang Club’s annual rankings ceremony is the release and awarding of the influence rankings In the “Light of Excellence” awards ceremony, Wanshang Club realized offline connection with many award-winning companies, projects, and brands for the first time. This also marked that Wanshang Club’s influence ranking has taken an important step on the road to professional industry rankings. step.

Discover the power of excellence, the annual ranking ceremony of Wanshang Club came to a successful conclusion(2)

Before the official awards, Yang Zexuan, the founder of Wanshang Club, interpreted the selection rules of Wanshang Club’s influence ranking on the spot, and announced the winners of Wanshang Club’s annual influence ranking edition.

Yang Zexuan introduced that after nearly two months of preparation, Wanshang Club formed a survey ranking questionnaire through branch selection, professional recommendation, targeted interviews, salon discussions, and data collection. Adhering to the spirit of “independence, public welfare, professionalism, and niche”, 295 industry elites (including industry associations, commercial real estate, capital finance, brand merchants, and professional third-party institutions) are invited to participate in the ranking vote.

The ratio of male to female voters in this vote is about 70:30, mainly senior (87.4%), nationally distributed (36% in North China, 34.7% in Central China, 26.9% in South China, Beijing has many industry associations, overseas There are also digits), of which commercial real estate development companies account for about half.

Discover the power of excellence, the annual ranking ceremony of Wanshang Club came to a successful conclusion(3)

In the “Light of Excellence “Awarding session, commercial real estate influence mobile books, commercial real estate influence companies, commercial real estate influence business leaders, the most influential brands, the top ten new business influence projects in 2020, the most anticipated influence projects for opening in 2021, etc. The winning units came to the stage to receive the awards.

In addition, one day after the end of the Wanshang Club’s annual ranking ceremony, Wanshang Club also prepared a visit to the influential ranking projects, including the 2020 TOP2 influential projects in Beijing Daxing Joy Spring Breeze, Beijing Meike Cave Museum, which is shortlisted for the TOP10 expected projects in 2021, and the first Longhu Beijing Lizetian Street, which is shortlisted for the TOP20 expected projects in 2021.

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