“Double Stars with Moon” Morning Tianyu Group “Crooked Mouth and Smiley” on the 7th

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“Ban Yue” refers to one or several bright stars ( It can be a planet or a brighter star) astronomical phenomenon that appears near the moon.

Astronomical science expert and director of Tianjin Astronomical Society Zhao Zhiheng said that in early 2021, Saturn and Jupiter were obscured by the sun’s brilliance and could not be observed until April. It’s getting better, and people can see them at low altitude in the southeast before sunrise.

Saturn and Jupiter conjoin the moon at 16:00 on April 6th and 15:00 on April 7th. Before sunrise on the 6th, 7th and 8th, a waning moon will move near Jupiter and Saturn, forming a “double star with moon” astronomical landscape. The angular distance between the three celestial bodies is relatively close. Among them, Jupiter is located on the lower left and Saturn is located on the upper right. Especially in the early morning of April 7, the waning moon hung diagonally between Jupiter and Saturn, resembling a “smiling face with a crooked mouth”.

“On that day, Jupiter’s brightness was around -2 magnitude, and Saturn’s brightness was around 0.75 magnitude. Since Saturn is darker than Jupiter, one of the’eyes’ in this’smiley face’ is bright. One’eye’ is slightly darker.” Zhao Zhiheng said.

Saturn is one of the most beautiful planets in the night sky. In the telescope, it looks like a straw hat and is known as the “Lord of the Rings”; Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and is known as the “Giant Planet” “In ancient my country, it was called the “Sui Xing”.

“Double Stars with Moon” Morning Tianyu Group “Crooked Mouth and Smiley” on the 7th