Dream Lily Cup Final Second Round: “Post-00” chess player Xie Ke equalized the total score

By yqqlm yqqlm

Chinanews.com client, April 30th. On the 30th, the second round of the Wufanqi final of the 4th Dream Lily Cup World Go Open began. After 6 hours of fierce battle, Xie Ke defeated Mi Yuting in the middle of the game. , To tie the total score to 1:1.

Dream Lily Cup Final Second Round: “Post-00” chess player Xie Ke equalized the total score

The second round of the final, Xie Ke played white against Yi Mi Yu Ting. At the beginning, the two sides were caught in an evenly matched contest. Black was not obsessed with taking advantage. Instead, White played very aggressively, choosing to fight head-on and launch the offensive first. The two exchanged positions, the situation was relatively smooth, and White had a slight advantage on the scene.

Xie Ke didn’t let the opportunity slip away, and White took the initiative. In the 248th hand, Mi Yuting voted to admit defeat, and Xie Ke equalized the total score after winning.

Affected by the epidemic, the current Dream Lily Cup, which started in May 2019, has lasted for nearly two years. Chinese players have performed well in this tournament, occupying seven seats in the top eight and dominating the top four. Locking the championship ahead of time, it was Mi Yuting and Xie Ke who finally entered the finals.

Mi Yuting’s only current world champion is from the Dream Lily Cup. Mi Yuting was only 17 years old when he won the first Dream Lily Cup. Now more than seven years have passed. His opponent in the finals, Xie Ke, is 21 years old. He has been in the finals of the Dream Lily Cup and Ying’s Cup consecutively as a “post-00”.

According to the schedule, the Dream Lily Cup finals will be on a day off on May 1, and the third game between Mi Yuting and Xie Ke will be held on May 2. (End)