Focus on Hubei Sports: National Fitness Strengthens Infrastructure, Sports Tourism Revitalizes Economy

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China News Service, Wuhan, April 29th, title: Focus on Hubei Sports: National Fitness Strengthens Infrastructure, Sports Tourism Revitalizes Economy

When you walk into Hubei, you can feel the vitality of the locals and sports for all The development of sports ignited the people’s sports enthusiasm, and the people’s extensive participation in sports also laid the foundation for the development of sports tourism in Hubei.

Recently, the Publicity Department of the State General Administration of Sports and the Lottery Center of the State General Administration of Sports visited Hubei in 2021 for a series of interviews and reports on the “Convergence of Micro-Public Welfare Set Sail”, and went to Yichang, Jingmen, Jingshan and Wuhan for field interviews and observations. The development of national sports and sports tourism in Hubei.

Sports benefits the whole people: Solving the old problems of grassroots facilities

Whether sports can benefit all people is related to whether sports facilities can reach the people’s doorstep. Hu Gongmin, director of the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, has worked in counties and cities for many years. When summarizing the situation of sports facilities, he said that some young people are reluctant to work in towns and villages. One of the reasons is that they can’t find a place to play, and some farmers are also requisitioning land. It also reflects that a certain road cannot be demolished and should be kept for running.

In order to deliver sports facilities to people’s doorsteps, the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau issued the “Four-Year Action Plan for the New National Fitness Demonstration Project in Hubei Province (2018-2021)” in early 2018. The plan is for the county ( Cities, districts), township streets (communities), and villages popularize fitness and sports facilities. As of the end of 2020, a total of 560 million yuan has been invested in three years, over 1,000 new projects have been built, and the per capita public sports area has increased from 1.29 square meters at the end of the “12th Five-Year Plan” to 1.95 square meters.

The outdoor sports field of Wujia Township Cultural and Sports Service Center in Yichang City is one of the new national fitness demonstration projects in Hubei Province. This center integrates public cultural and sports facilities. Among them, sports venues cover an area of ​​approximately 3,900 square meters. The outdoor venues are versatile and can be used for basketball, football, gateball, gas volleyball and other sports. When the reporter arrived at the stadium, local people were performing dragon dance training in the stadium, accompanied by gongs and drummers to accompany the team.

Tang Xin, the person in charge of Wujia Township Cultural and Sports Activity Center, said that since the completion of the construction of the outdoor sports field in 2019, Wujia Township has held and organized various competitions and training activities each year on average, and the sports field is 800 meters away. Fitness trails can also be used by the people to enjoy flowers and go out, meeting the increasing fitness needs of the people.

Focus on Hubei Sports: National Fitness Strengthens Infrastructure, Sports Tourism Revitalizes Economy


p >On the outdoor playground of Wujia Township Cultural and Sports Service Center, residents are performing dragon dance training. Photo by Hao Lingyu

Sports tourism helps the economy: opening up new ideas for economic growth

Sports for all not only promotes popular sports Enthusiasm has opened up new ideas for growth in Hubei’s economy. It is understood that as of 2020, Hubei Province has been selected as 15 national sports tourism boutique scenic spots, 12 sports tourism boutique routes, 18 sports tourism boutique events, 2 sports tourism boutique destinations, and won the title of national top ten sports tourism projects 12 The total number of evaluations ranks fourth in the country. Statistics show that in 2019, the total scale of Hubei’s sports tourism industry reached 8.5 billion yuan.

Jingshan City is the representative city of Hubei’s sports economic development. The tennis characteristic town in Jingshan City was one of the first pilot sports and leisure towns in August 2017. In Jingshan, tennis is a national sport, and playing tennis has become a daily habit of citizens. “It’s better to invite people to eat. “Please sweat” is widely circulated in the local area.

The tennis tradition in Jingshan City began in the 1980s. The first sandy tennis court in Wenfeng Park of Jingshan City is regarded as the birthplace of Jingshan tennis culture, and this sandy tennis court can be maintained and used today, and it is inseparable from an 86-year-old man named Fu Zhenguo.

When the reporter arrived, Fu Zhenguo was resting outside the venue. He introduced that before playing tennis, he loved sports, long-distance running and mountain climbing. After contacting tennis in 1989, he became fascinated by the sport. In the 1999 Provincial Games, Fu Zhenguo won the doubles championship and became a famous “tennis expert” in Jingshan County. Since he started playing tennis, he has been a volunteer administrator of this sandy court, often filling the court with sand and drawing lines. In an interview, the old man laughed and said that he would keep playing tennis as long as he could move.

The good mass foundation has given Jingshan the confidence to develop the characteristic tennis tourism. It is understood that the tertiary industry, mainly fitness sports and eco-tourism, has become a new growth point for the economy of Jingshan County. In 2021, Jingshan City was awarded the National Sports Industry Demonstration Base by the State Sports General Administration, and the added value of the sports industry accounted for 1.6% of GDP. The characteristic tennis town of Jingshan City was also approved by the State Sports General Administration as the first batch of pilot units of “Sports and Leisure Characteristic Towns” in August 2017. The core area of ​​the town is 3 square kilometers. The planned construction includes an international tennis competition center and a comprehensive gymnasium. There are 34 projects including (Natatorium), and it is planned to build an international town integrating leisure, tourism, and health by 2023.

Hu Gongmin said that Hubei has rich sports tourism resources, profound cultural heritage, convenient transportation and strong tourism demand, which has the advantage of developing sports tourism. In order to make Hubei sports tourism bigger, stronger, and more beautiful, the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau will focus on special projects to increase the popularity of sports tourism, and use sports events as the medium to polish the city’s sports business card; with “Sports+” , “+Sports” as a model to expand the development space of sports tourism. (End)