Global War Epidemic: Chinese Enterprises in Indonesia Serve the Construction of the “Belt and Road” in the Epidemic (Picture)

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(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Global War Epidemic: Chinese Enterprises in Indonesia Serve the Construction of “One Belt and One Road” (Picture)

China News Service, Jakarta, April 2nd Title: Chinese Enterprises Serve in Indonesia During the Epidemic “One Belt One Road” construction

On April 2, the new crown epidemic broke out in Indonesia year after month, and it was also a national public holiday in Indonesia.

On this day, Luo Xiaoying invited some friends online to open a party at her “Ruby” club in downtown Jakarta. Most of the participants were sticking to the “Belt and Road” project in Indonesia. Chinese compatriots in the post. Luo Xiaoying’s violin performance of “Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai” not only relieved everyone’s homesickness, but also relieved everyone’s nervousness in fighting the “epidemic” for more than a year.

Global War Epidemic: Chinese Enterprises in Indonesia Serve the Construction of the “Belt and Road” in the Epidemic (Picture)

The picture shows Luo Xiaoying (right one) Check out the steel mill. Photo courtesy of Luo Xiaoying

“For the construction of the’Belt and Road’, many compatriots stayed in Indonesia during the severe epidemic. It is very difficult to work while preventing the epidemic. Luo Xiaoying said that because she couldn’t meet and party, she would often invite them to relax and relax on weekends or holidays.

Luo Xiaoying is a native of Wuhan, China. He has worked hard to start a business in Indonesia for more than 10 years. He founded a Chinese-funded private “ruby” logistics and steel trading enterprise. For several years, he has guaranteed the joint construction of China and Indonesia, including the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail. The “Belt and Road” key projects are well-known for the supply of materials.

Luo Xiaoying has a deep understanding of the difficulty of holding on to the epidemic. In January 2020, she took her daughter back to Wuhan to prepare for the Spring Festival. The day the plane landed in Wuhan happened to be the day when Wuhan began to “close the city” due to the new crown epidemic.

Too late to enjoy the joy of gathering with relatives, she signed up to become an anti-epidemic volunteer at the most severe moment of the epidemic,” delivering daily supplies to dozens of widowed elderly people and helping them in need People buy medicines and send them to hospitals. In order to prevent the infection of her family, she lived alone in the centralized isolation point provided by the government for volunteers to live for more than a month…

When the epidemic was quickly contained in Wuhan, she herself The start-up and work of Indonesia has heard news of the raging virus. Luo Xiaoying, who is still on the battlefield of Wuhan’s fight against the “epidemic”, has also been working non-stop to help Indonesia fight the “epidemic”, introducing China, especially Wuhan’s experience in fighting the “epidemic”, conveying confidence, and raising funds. Funding to purchase and transport urgently needed medical supplies to Indonesia.

Shortly after Wuhan was unblocked, Luo Xiaoying quickly returned to Indonesia, because what made her more uneasy was the materials for the “Belt and Road” construction project affected by the epidemic. Supply.

“Because of the increasingly serious epidemic, the Indonesian government has implemented strict control measures. Many of the’Belt and Road’ project sites are in short supply of epidemic prevention materials and construction materials. As a logistics company serving the construction of the “Belt and Road”, of course, we have to do everything possible to guarantee the supply of these materials.” Luo Xiaoying said that while she used “Chinese experience” to require employees to work well for protection, she undertook other companies that were afraid to accept or Inability to accept business. “When other companies are working from home, many employees of Ruby Company still work in the most dangerous places such as ports, transit warehouses, and bonded warehouses.”

Epidemic prevention and control, while ensuring the supply of materials for the “Belt and Road” project. Luo Xiaoying said she was very pleased because she had the help of China’s anti-epidemic experience. For more than a year, there were no employees in the three companies under her Ruby Enterprise. Infected with the new crown. During this period, the company imported a total of 109 batches of construction materials. The guaranteed “Belt and Road” construction projects include the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail, Chinese-funded power stations, industrial parks, etc., distributed in Java, Sumatra, and Sulawes, Indonesia West Island and other places.

“At present, Indonesia is speeding up vaccination. The new crown vaccine from China has shown the dawn of the Indonesian people to overcome the epidemic. After the test of the epidemic, the economic and trade cooperation between China and Indonesia has become stronger and closer.” Luo Xiaoying confidently said that after the epidemic, his own enterprises will also rise to the next level. (End)