“Go online! Huacai Youth” finale Huang Zihongfan and others successfully launched

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China News Service, April 30, “Let’s go live! Huacai Boys ended successfully this Friday. After the first appearance of Huacai, one-on-one creative additions, and group theme creations, this issue’s online official Wu Kequn and Wang Peiyu, along with the teenagers from the non-online area, brought the Huacai Junior’s online official cooperation show, which was created by the group’s cooperation in the previous period. Teammates, this issue has become an “rival”, bringing wonderful personal creation sessions.

“Go online! Huacai Youth” finale Huang Zihongfan and others successfully launched

Finally, Peng Xincheng, Huang Zihong Fan, Zhang Yuqing, and Bai Yuhao successfully went online and became the “Outstanding Youth Representatives of Huacai Youth”. Six other teenagers were awarded the “Outstanding Youth Representatives” of the Guofeng Youth Program Growth Plan. So far, all 35 teenagers have graduated.

In the program, Bian Ziyan played the guitar and sings “I’m Missing You” written by himself to grandpa. The graphic lyrics lead the audience into his warm and delicate little world. After singing a song, the online official Yan Weiwen live “Invitation Song”, the online official Wang Junkai couldn’t help but sigh: “I also think of my family. Because family is a door in our heart, so when you sing this song with such a sincere heart, everyone present will Feel your singing and feel your love for your family.”

Peng Xincheng warmly interprets “All the way to the West”. At the end of the song, the melodious bamboo flute accompanies Peng Xincheng’s mother’s “Farewell “It sounded on the stage, and the farewell song of “Changting Outer Ancient Road” seemed to be right in front of you. Many online officials and teenagers on the scene had red eyes, and Peng Xincheng also choked with his heart: “This song I want to give to me 34 My classmates, the corners of the sky and the corners of the sea, where we know each other, this stage is just a small node for us. This is a new beginning. We have a long road ahead, and we will have a long way to come.”

Wang Yue expressed her courage to “go through the storms and never go back bravely” with a song “Rong”, which combines a variety of instruments such as carlimba, synthesizer, percussion pad, and marimba, just as she said: “I play Allegro It’s the seventeenth year this year, and I think I can’t throw away what the teachers taught me.”

“Go online! Huacai Youth” finale Huang Zihongfan and others successfully launched(1)

Zhang Xiaohan, who has also always adhered to the field of opera and unremittingly explores innovative methods, uses his strong voice born out of Peking Opera Lao Dan to interpret “Cloud Jue “The chic and chivalrous spirit of “Walking barefoot, I walk in the center” drew continuous applause from the scene. Wang Peiyu praised Zhang Xiaohan: “You have completed a very gorgeous transformation. You have really achieved your own style. This style is very precious.”

Fang Yangfei is incarnate as the unruly ghost horse Nezha. “Nezha” is used to dance to the courage of “My life is up to the sky”; Liu Feng uses flute tones to “Ya Music Poems”; Zhang Yuqing uses a very charming red wine voice to bring “When People Come and Go” ; Tian Xuanning dances with “Spirit” to interpret the agile and upward self; Zhang Leyao interprets “Menghui” and completes the performance calmly and calmly after a midway dance error; Shen Bohuai’s “Chinese Soul” combines rap and street dance with neat movements The momentum is like a broken bamboo, showing the youth’s righteousness…

After her personal creation, Ouyang Nana shared her experience and discussed the “secrets” of stage performances with the teenagers. “Maybe it is to find a way of expression that I think is the most confident.” Wang Junkai said, every performance of the teenagers is with a sincere heart, “Every one of us performers must use the most sincere heart. Performance. Only in this way can our performance radiate the greatest charm, so that what we want to say can be heard by everyone.”

At the graduation ceremony, Peng Xincheng, Huang Zihongfan, Zhang Yuqing and Bai Yuhao successfully went online and became the “Outstanding Representative of Huacai Youth”. Fang Shujian, Huang Xinyuan, Fang Yangfei, Tian Xuanning, Bian Ziyan and Zhang Xiaohan were awarded the “Outstanding Youth Representative” of the Guofeng Youth Program Growth Plan. 35 Huacai teenagers were laughing and tearing Here, all staff graduated.