“Good Time and Beautiful Time” is set to reach two major areas of music and e-sports

By yqqlm yqqlm

Chinanews.com, April 6th. The youth inspirational drama “Good Time and Beautiful Time” was officially announced today and will be launched on Tencent Video and iQiyi on April 8.

“Good Time and Beautiful Time” is set to reach two major areas of music and e-sports

“Good Time, Beautiful Time “Adapted from the author Qiaoyao’s novel “A spear is easy to hide, but a secret love is hard to guard”. Gong Yu, Tang Panjing, Wang Li, and Tong Hua are the chief producers, and Fang Fang, Yang Bei, and Tang Panjing are the chief producers. Directed by director Qin Zhen, starring Xu Lu and Lin Yi, special starring Hu Bing, Hu Yunhao and Zhang Danni, mainly about the positive energy singer Liang Chen and the popular senior e-sports anchor Lu Jing, who forge each other and grow together. Inspirational story.

Compared with previous youth inspirational dramas, “Good Days, Beautiful Times and Good Times” is bold and innovative in themes and characters. It is no longer limited to the campus, but connects the campus and the society, touching on both music and e-sports for the first time. Big field. In the cast, Xu Lu and Lin Yi play the leading roles in the play. As early as when the play was filmed, the image qualities of Xu Lu and Lin Yi were highly compatible with the roles of Liang Chen and Lu Jing in the novel, and they were well received by netizens.

In addition to romantic love, “Good Time, Beautiful Time, Good Time” also shows the struggle and dream pursuit of contemporary young people. In the play, Liang Chen, as a positive energy singer, is in a deep trough and still constantly challenges himself, pursuing his dreams with fighting spirit and courage, persistence and determination. The two support each other and move forward hand in hand with practical actions.