Guangdong launches new crown virus vaccination work supervision

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China News Service, Guangzhou, April 13 (Cai Minjie, Cai Liangquan) The Guangdong Provincial Health Commission stated on the 13th that in order to ensure high-quality vaccination work and protect public health, from April 6th to 9th, Guangdong Province Health Supervision The Institute and the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention jointly carried out inspection activities for new crown virus vaccination. The joint inspection team was divided into five groups to conduct inspections in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan and Dongguan.

According to the arrangement, in each city in Guangdong, the inspection team randomly inspected 1 county (city, district)-level disease prevention and control center, 1 (large) temporary vaccination site, and 1 township health center or community Vaccination point of health service center. For prefectures and cities without (large) temporary vaccination sites, spot check 1 vaccination sites set up by medical institutions above the second level for inspection. The inspection content covers the detailed specifications of the vaccination process, location layout, vaccine procurement, storage and transportation, handling and reporting of suspected abnormal vaccination reactions, etc.

Guangdong launches new crown virus vaccination work supervision


p >Guangdong launches new crown virus vaccination work supervision. Photo courtesy of Guangdong Provincial Health Commission

At the temporary vaccination site of the Nanshan District Cultural and Sports Center in Shenzhen, the supervision team looked for possible omissions in each vaccination process, and combined The actual operation of the staff put forward rectification suggestions. This temporary vaccination site is one of the large-scale centralized vaccination sites for the new coronavirus vaccine in Nanshan District. There are 10 vaccination stations and 2000 doses per day.

At the Dongfeng Gymnasium in Huadu District, Guangzhou, the inspection team started from the registration of the inoculation link as soon as they arrived at the scene, and detailed the qualifications of the vaccinators, the allocation of medical resources related to the treatment of abnormal vaccination reactions, and The safe departure of the masses after vaccination and other links.

According to the introduction, the new crown virus vaccination staff need to go through detailed operation training before they start to work, and then hold a certificate after passing the job. The content of the training includes the disinfection of the operating table and the placement of items, the notification before and after vaccination, the storage temperature and method in the box before vaccination, and the disposal of medical waste after vaccination.

Vaccine transportation and storage are important points for the orderly development of vaccination. To this end, the Guangzhou branch of the inspection team went to the Jianggao Distribution Center of Sinopharm Guangdong Logistics Co., Ltd. to enter the cold storage to check the receipt and storage of vaccines, including the physical species, dosage forms, quantities, specifications, batch numbers, expiration dates, and whether the vaccines were delivered on a daily basis. Clearing the day, temperature monitoring and inspection records during transportation, as well as the alarm system and timely handling of abnormal temperatures in cold chain distribution. (End)