“Henan Power” escorted”Tianwen One” to Mars

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□Henan Daily reporter Yin Jiangyong

Tianwen No.1, which carried out my country’s first Mars exploration mission ” The probe, as planned, will select an opportunity to land on Mars from May to June. Among the technological forces that are escorting the”Tianwen No. 1″, how many are the”Henan Elements”?

During the long journey of the “Tianwen-1” probe to Mars, it has always maintained a “close relationship” with the earth. The 27th China Electric Power Research Institute is one of the five major systems of this exploration mission-the high-power amplifier development unit of the measurement and control communication system. The Mars Rover“remote control” created by the high-power amplifier equipment independently developed by the institute can amplify tiny uplink signals and then The large-aperture antenna is launched to achieve precise control of the probe about 400 million kilometers away. It plays a vital role in the smooth completion of the ground fire transfer, Mars capture, and landing phases of the probe in this mission.

The large-aperture deep-space antenna array for transmitting signals is composed of 4 antennas with a diameter of 35 meters. The orientation of the antenna equipment is bearing are all developed by the Heavy Bearing Division of Luoyang Shaft Research Institute. The diameter of each bearing is close to 6 meters, and it needs to be able to operate under various complex environmental conditions such as cold, humidity, corrosion and high temperature, and must have high precision and negative Clearance, low starting friction torque and good rigidity.

Participating in the construction of this”line” is the 22nd China Electric Power Research Institute located in Xinxiang. The water vapor radiometer mainly uses the water vapor frequency band microwave radiometer to measure atmospheric microwave radiation signals, and real-time correction of the time delay error of the tropospheric atmospheric propagation medium can greatly improve the detection accuracy of the Mars probe. The water vapor radiometer independently developed by the institute provides measurement and control and data transmission services for the”Tianwen No. 1″, so that the detector can accurately locate in the vast space without losing sight.

In addition to participating in the construction of this important”line”,”Henan Elements” also plays an important role in many aspects.

The propellant developed and produced by Luoyang Liming Chemical Research and Design Institute Co., Ltd. changes the orbit of the detector And attitude adjustment control and accurate entry into the predetermined orbit play an important role.

The Mars rover separation signal device developed and produced by Zhengzhou Aerospace Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Henan Aerospace 693 Factory) is installed on the”Tianwen No. 1″ landing patrol and orbiter. It will After the two devices are separated, the separation state will be detected as soon as possible to determine whether the separation is successful in the end, so as to ensure the safe landing of the landing patrol on Mars.

Insulation and noise reduction materials developed and produced by Henan Energy Chemical GroupPuyang Lvyu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. , Will create a cool and quiet environment for my country’s first Mars rover, allowing the rover to operate safely on the surface of Mars.

Let us all wish that”Tianwen No. 1″ under the escort of”Henan Elements” will land on Mars smoothly!