Hotel social interaction or erotic trading, the role of the”Quzhu” platform needs to be asked

By yqqlm yqqlm

On April 7, Nandu launched an investigation into the chaos of the”Hotel Social” platform, and found that a large amount of”about guns” information appeared on a hotel social app called”Quzhu” And the”pimp” account. On the night it was exposed, the”Quzhu” App stated through its official Weibo that”in the past month, several bad actors have used program scripts to register a large number of Quzhu accounts to post illegal content”, and said”Recently, a new version and background are being developed to improve review. effectiveness”.

The App is based on hotels, and each hotel has its own message wall and chat room. The reporter’s investigation found that the message walls and chat rooms of some well-known hotels were flooded with a lot of”appropriation” information and”pimping” accounts. In these messages, 90%of the publishers use female identities, and most of the photos posted are close-ups of bare breasts, buttocks, legs, and feet, which are sexually suggestive, and the publisher is suspected of being a minor user. In addition, there are many accounts that are suspected of”pimping”, packaging themselves as”friends platform customer service” and mixing them with it, which seems to lead to organized offline transactions from the platform. It is no wonder that in the app’s comment area, there are users who leave a message”Platform pornography is rampant” and”It is a software for prostitution.”

As long as it is a platform with social functions, it will almost always be targeted by criminals for information about pornography and drainage. It is worth questioning the attitude of the platform and even the role it plays in it.

Platforms with social attributes, especially social platforms that focus on strangers, have many mild or serious actions to attract traffic by playing cards or even sexual cues. Does”Qu Zhu” belong to this category, indulging pornographic information to maintain traffic, or even more than that? Judging from the responses and actions of”Qu Zhu” so far, a question mark is needed for the time being.

First of all, from the perspective of content settings, the official explanation for”hotel social” in the response is”help people who travel and stay in hotels find new friends who travel together, and help each other when they go out.” Mutual assistance”. There is nothing wrong with this explanation, but the platform’s settings appear to be”spoken and honest”-users can only view the personal homepage of the opposite sex and make private comments. Can’t help but make people wonder, can’t people of the same sex become new friends to help each other from the platform side? This seems to be inconsistent with”decent hotel socializing”. And its promotional slogan”Have a chat with a young lady who lives alone in a hotel”,”Private chat Make an appointment“Look for a room for marriage, and a bed for a date.” And so on, also full of sexual hints.

Furthermore, the platform said that it was full of illegal pornographic information, which was scripted by”bad guys” in the”recent month”. But as far back as 2018,”FunZhu” has been exposed to various hotel social apps such as”Sleep” and”Sesame Room” because of pornographic information. At present, the other two apps have been offline. Not only was it exposed to pornography more than two years ago, but App related comments also showed that it was successively complained by netizens about pornography in the past two years. It is really not very tenable to dump the”bad guy” in the”recent month”. Based on the extent of the proliferation of pornographic information shown by the reporter’s investigation, if the platform has not noticed or responded negatively in the past two years, does it also reflect its true attitude from the side? Moreover, after the platform responded, the reporter found that some illegal information has been compromised. Deleted, but the drainage account still exists.

For example, Li Rongchuan, a lawyer at the Guangdong Qiyuan Law Firm, said in an interview, “This kind of app that uses shared house sharing as a gimmick is essentially providing information and social services, and because the information provided involves Accommodation is very likely to be used by criminals as a tool to carry out illegal and criminal activities such as prostitution and whoring.” Guatian Lixia, if the platform is to do”decent hotel socialization”, it should be more sincere and preventive of such illegal activities. Measures. At present, not only the prevention effect from content setting, information filtering to supervision is not good, but also the response and actions after being discovered that pornography is also lacking sincerity. What role the”Quzhu” platform plays in it remains to be questioned.

Platforms that are committed to socializing with strangers should abandon the path dependence of attracting traffic with pornographic information, and should avoid passive or even active”creative” tools for illegal behavior.