How important is Russia to China? Why do you say you must not fall?

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In today’s rapid economic development in the 21st century, the world has always been changing rapidly. Since the Sino-Russian relationship has become a comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation in the new era, it has immediately caused a great deal of influence on the international stage. The sensation immediately caused a great sensation on the international stage. Although peace and development are still the themes of the current era, it does not rule out that there are still threats between many countries. In the overall environment of the alliance of Western capitalist countries, how China and Russia maintain their own security and ensure their own development has become a problem that requires careful consideration.

For a country, in a complex environment, it is more difficult to fight alone. Under such circumstances, it is inevitable to choose alliance. Both China and Russia are big countries that have been targeted by the United States several times. It is also the trend of the times to finally form a relationship of mutual strategic support, mutual development opportunities, and mutual global partnership. Today, the importance of China and Russia to each other is also without words.

Why did China and Russia choose to establish close ties with each other? The importance of Russia to China Where is the focus? Why is it said that it must not fall down? This article will take you to sort out the the relationship between China and Russia, newcomer Friends, remember to give a lot of likes, follow, and support.

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Sino-Russian relations

From China After its rise, the United States has always been worried that its position as global hegemon will be taken away, so it has been suppressing us overtly and secretly. Under such a situation, China needs a friendly partner to share the pressure.

Although China has always been friendly and there are many countries that have good relations with us, but because There are very few issues of strength that can be seen by the United States. After much consideration, we set our sights on Russia, this country is big enough, Strong enough and hard enough, because of its own development problems, it can stand in the same game with us.

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Russian President Putin

You may think that Russia is not a very moral country. After all, China has been invaded by Russia many times in history. Even in modern times, the relationship between the two countries It has also been unstable, constantly hovering in the freezing and thawing.

Because of the incompetence of the Qing government, China was once reduced to an important aggression by capitalist countries Point, of course, Russia is also included, and even it is the country that occupies the most land in our country.

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In 1858, the Sino-Russian”Aishun Treaty“’s signing, which directly resulted in the 640,000 square kilometers north of Heilongjiang The land was directly assigned to Russia.

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China and Russia sign the”Ahui Treaty”

In 1860, China was forced to sign the”Beijing Treaty, Wusuli River The 476,000 square kilometers of land in the east and Sakhalin island were annexed by Russia, along with our country’s Vladivostok was also invaded by the opponent.

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“Beijing Treaty”


In 1895, at the end of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895, through military force, Russia again 10,000 square kilometers of land in the Pamirsinvaded and expanded again.

More than that, and later there is The Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China, 160,000 Chinese became its soul under the sword, and then In 1911, the Revolution of 1911 broke out, Russia took advantage of the chaos and supported the independence of Outer Mongolia, and then occupied 170,000 square kilometers of land the following year.

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The Eight-Power Allied Forces Invade China


Those crimes are shocking every time I think of them, but how to say that history is always history, you must learn to look forward, so that it is beneficial to the development of a country After all, in the general environment of the international arena, many things must be considered in many ways. Although history needs to be remembered, the motherland also needs to continue to develop and move forward.

During the former Soviet Union, the Soviet Union held a decisive position in the world, and stomped the whole world. Shake with each other. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Russia should have inherited a large part of the Soviet legacy. The United States is already committed to dominating the world, so how can it allow Russia to continue to grow and become stronger, and then carry out various suppressive attacks on it. It is difficult to speak alone with the palm of one hand. Under the heavy blow of the United States, China and Russia can only rely on each other to encourage each other and form a confrontation with the United States.

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The disintegration of the Soviet Union

The relationship between China and Russia was not so friendly at the beginning. After all, before Russia was sanctioned by Western economic sanctions, the relationship with China only stopped at the level of economic reciprocity. Only, it can be said that there was still a lack of political trust at that time.

At the beginning of the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Yeltsin wanted to integrate into Europe when he came to power, and even Westernized the overall policy directly at the time. I thought that the other party could accept him. Who knows in the end Still hot-faced and posted it up.

Because Europe at that time did not want to accept Russia, for them, its own international economic system It’s already very stable, and it would be more than a loss to let a very threatening country come here to challenge the overall power of the West. If Russia enters the European Union once it has made good relations with Europe, a slight economic development, coupled with the huge military power inherited from the Soviet Union, will directly put pressure on the United States and many European countries.

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Russia and the European Union

Yeltsin didn’t understand this truth from beginning to end, and almost lost it to Russia. Later, Putin as a leader, he also had great expectations for Europe at the beginning. He imagined that Russia and Western Europe could be connected together. However, he frequently hit the wall and hit the wall. , Thoroughly recognized the reality. Then he turned his gaze to the east. At this time, the rising New China surprised him, and the ensuing vision of Great Europe transformed into Great Eurasia.

Isn’t there a saying that says this, The enemy’s enemy is a friend. Both China and Russia are subject to the suppression and containment of the United States. Under this background, Only when China and Russia join forces can they develop and survive better. In a sense, it can be regarded as a two-way choice, although it is a manifestation of group warming. China and Russia are originally dependent on each other, and their territories are bordered. No matter which side has problems, the other side will be affected. Therefore, it is the best policy to cooperate with each other and rely on each other.

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China and Russia

When Western countries imposed economic sanctions on Russia, my country extended a good hand of friendship to Russia. Although Russia itself is the largest country in the world, it does not lack any resources, such as oil, natural gas, minerals, etc., there are many in the country, but because of its single economic structure, The domestic economic development is still mainly based on selling oil.

Under the deliberate containment of the West, oil is indeed not very easy to sell, and the United States still The U.S. dollar is often used to regulate oil prices, taking the opportunity to make Russian oil worthless, and even directly prohibiting many Western countries from importing Russian oil. This has indeed greatly affected the Russian economy.

At this time, the Sino-Russian strategic partnership has played a big role, because China’s development The industry itself needs a lot of oil, so now it is imported directly from Russia, which saves a lot of trouble and promotes Russia’s economic development by the way. Why not do it?

In addition, let’s talk briefly about the military. Since the Second World War, the Soviet Union’s military strength has been very strong. Although it is said that Russia will decline slightly compared with the Soviet period in the later period, the overall strength is still very strong. After all, at that time, it also helped China do some heavy industry and even military assistance. , Which has helped China to establish a basic industrial system and development model.

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Russian Army

Over the years, China has indeed imported a lot of military equipment from Russia, which has accelerated the development of my country’s national defense capabilities to a certain extent. For now, because of Russia’s strong military strength, it does have more power to speak in the international arena, but at the same time it also aggravates the fear of Western countries against it, but better, it shares the burden for China. More pressure from all sides.

Nowadays, every time China and Russia conduct military exercises, they can have a great deterrent effect on Western countries. The two countries progress and develop together, and they can indeed Better to ensure that they will not be invaded by Western powers.

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Sino-Russian military exercise

Imagination Now, if Russia falls now, what kind of danger will China face? On a lighter note, the United States has begun to intensify its containment on our economic development. On a more serious note, the United States has provoked us several times, for example, wantonly rushing into the South my country Sea.

The establishment of any international balance pattern is very difficult, so once this balance is broken, it means that there is a possibility of turmoil and crisis in the world. If Russia disappears, our main force against NATO will be reduced by half.

Throughout the history of the development of the United States, it is obvious that the United States has come to today step by step by eliminating its second child. In the beginning, Germany, later Britain, or It is Japan. It can be said that if Russia falls, the next goal of the United States must be China.

As everyone thinks, in a certain sense, China and Russia are both prosperous and both prosperous. So far, the United States has never stopped wanting to dominate. The heart of the world, it has always pursued its own hegemony and power policies around the world, and China and Russia are undoubtedly its biggest goals.

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Sino-Russian military exercise

Now The United States of America mainly wants to establish its position by attacking the powers of the Eurasian continent and ensure that it can always dominate in world affairs. It was like during the Second World War. It was more about relying on the war dividends to completely defeat Germany. To be honest, since then, the scope of American rule has been spreading on the European and American continents.

Before in Europe, the United Kingdom has always been the dominant player, but now, almost the entire European and American continent Everywhere is controlled by the United States. Once the Soviet Union was on the rise and fledgling, the United States imposed military strikes and economic sanctions on it, prompting its eventual disintegration, and then returning to the world’s top throne by itself.

When Russia was preparing to rise, the United States used all available resources to attack it, and China At this time, there was a short period of opportunity for development. Just as China was preparing for rapid development, the United States’ focus again shifted to China, which gave Russia a little bit of breathing opportunity. It can be said that the United States is really obsessed with power. .


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In fact, for many Western countries, their attention is very limited. It is like the development and rise of a country, and it is bound to be only a living target in the end, but if two When one country or more than two countries develop, it is very different, because this is likely to be threatening.

From the current international situation, the countries that pose the greatest threat to the United States must be China and Russia , So the United States will be so urgent to put the containment of China and Russia on the agenda. A simple example, such as my country’s Huawei incident, Xinjiang cotton incident, which one is not American.


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Xinjiang cotton

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Whether it is China or Russia, it is absolutely possible to fight the United States with the current strengths of the two countries, but the more conservative approach should be a strong alliance, so that we can be better in this confrontation. Dominate.

If we say that China and Russia did not have a very close relationship, it was just a simple strategic cooperation”Allies” are different now. Both Russia and China are very important to each other. Only by uniting can they share the pressure from the West.

Speaking from a historical perspective, China and Russia have a deeper relationship, even in consciousness There are many differences in morphology and many other aspects, but on issues of national security and the interests of the two countries, a consensus that has always been opposed to the West should be reached.

Now China is a friend of Russia, and Russia is a brother of China. We should work hard together. Achieve good results!

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