Hundreds of people here in the United States came to “duel” just to fight for a name? (Picture)

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China News Service, April 25th. According to foreign media reports, on the 24th local time, Lincoln City, Nebraska, USA conducted a fun “duel” called “Josh Fight”. Hundreds of people named Josh’s netizens gathered together and used swimming buoyancy sticks as “weapons” in fencing battles to compete for the name of Josh.

Hundreds of people here in the United States came to “duel” just to fight for a name? (Picture)

The picture shows the cloth in the United States “Josh Fight” fun game held in Lincoln, Las Vegas. Screenshots of videos posted on social media.

According to reports, this event attracted hundreds of people with the same name from all over the United States to participate. Not only was the scene very lively, but the webcast also attracted thousands of people to watch. Promoter Josh Swain also raised funds in the name of “helping the losers to raise their names,” and the funds raised will be donated to local children’s hospitals and medical centers.

The report stated that the start of this fun “duel” dates back to April 2020, when American college student Josh Swain pulled many people with the same name as “Josh” into a group. And sent a “war post” to the group members, saying, “We will have a duel. Only the final winner can continue to use the name Josh, and the other losers must change their names. You have a year to prepare, and good luck.”</ p>

Josh Swain stated that he was just out of joke at first, and wanted to bring a bit of fun to the boring epidemic. Unexpectedly, his information was quickly forwarded by screenshots of netizens, and this joke was made in a year. Come true later.

“Josh Fight” was held at 12 noon on April 24. The duel was finally won by a 4-year-old young Josh, who was named “The Best Josh (The Best Josh)”.