Ice and snow sports, showing “double wings” (towards the Winter Olympics)

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Ice and snow sports, showing “double flying wings” (towards the Winter Olympics)

Ice and snow sports, showing “double wings” (towards the Winter Olympics)

From April 17 to 19, the 2021 National Youth U14 (under 14) Ice Hockey Invitational Tournament was held in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. Six youth ice hockey teams from Beijing, Tianjin and Inner Mongolia participated in the competition. The picture shows the young players competing in the competition on April 17.

Wang Zhengshe (Image China)

As the Winter Olympics are getting closer and closer, the ice and snow sports have already stepped out of Shanhaiguan and out of the ice and snow season, forming a distant echo between the southeast and the northwest, winter and summer. A new pattern with its own characteristics and full bloom on ice and snow. The improvement of the level of competition and the extensive participation of the masses, like vibrating wings, are driving the ice and snow sports to go steadily and far.

It is difficult to find snow and ice traces in spring, but the heat of ice and snow sports has not diminished. Whether it is the concentration of the national team preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics or the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in ice and snow sports, they have recorded and witnessed the ice and snow. The rapid growth of sports. The improvement of the level of competition and the extensive participation of the masses, like vibrating wings, are driving the ice and snow sports to go steadily and far.

Now, as the pace of the Winter Olympics is getting closer, ice and snow sports have already stepped out of Shanhaiguan and out of the ice and snow season, forming a new pattern in which the southeast and northwest echo each other, the winter and summer have their own characteristics, and the snow and ice are fully blooming. .

Preparing for the “sprint year” of the Winter Olympics, enjoy more protection

Although the new season of ice and snow sports has not started as scheduled due to the epidemic, the preparations of the national training teams of various events have never relaxed .

The national figure skating training team competed with masters from all over the world at the recently concluded World Championships to test the training effect; many teams in the snow event also actively carried out intra-team competitions, and practiced with competitions. Promote training with competition. Preparations for the Winter Olympics have entered the “year of sprint”, and all teams are actively accumulating energy and tempering their talents.

As the weather gets warmer, many teams including U-shaped snowboard venues, U-shaped freestyle skiing venues, and freestyle skiing skills have moved to Xinjiang Coco Tuohai International Ski Resort to extend the snow Training time. Part of the teams that are in a short adjustment period will also end their rest and reinvest in the next stage of training.

In the past two years, the continuous strengthening of scientific and technological investment and scientific research guarantees have given the team more options for simulated snow training in the spring and summer. In Laiyuan, Hebei, the two ski jumps of the ski jumping training base are all four seasons, and the operation is not affected by the temperature throughout the year, and the tracks are the same in winter and summer. The wind tunnel laboratory has three test sections of level, take-off and leap, which can meet the needs of sports teams throughout the year. In Beishan, Jilin, the snow cave ski resort is like a refrigerator that can operate in all seasons, providing off-season training guarantee for cross-country skiing teams. In the Qinhuangdao training base, the height of summer pool training restores the competitive state on the snow, allowing freestyle skiing aerials athletes to continuously exercise their jump and take-off movements and hit new levels of difficulty.

With the end of the snow season, each training team entering the “sprint” phase is faced with a “double” challenge from inside and outside: internally, it is necessary to select and temper elite soldiers to continuously improve their competitive level and ability to compete; externally; , The qualification system for each project has not yet been fully determined, and the continuous changes in the situation test the team’s ability to respond.

Hong Ping, deputy director of the Winter Sports Management Center of the State General Administration of Sport, said that the preparation for the Beijing cycle of the Winter Olympics has changed from the original emphasis on large-volume training to the pursuit of science and efficiency. Physically, adjust the amount of exercise and exercise plan in a targeted manner”. In addition, the establishment and soundness of high-tech medical, rehabilitation, and nutrition guarantees are also escorting team training.

The project popularizes the “Four Seasons Song” and sings in more places

Not long ago, ice and snow sports entered the Data Valley Middle School in Yubei District, Chongqing, and students played the role of hosting the previous Winter Olympics. On behalf of the phalanx, Fang entered the venue creatively, and an interesting ice-snow interactive activity was staged simultaneously with the school’s track and field games. The ice and snow experience activities include 7 different experience items such as land curling, land ice hockey, ice and snow viewing, e-sports skiing, ice and snow equipment, ice and snow knowledge quiz, and ice and snow theme check-in. Under the guidance of the ice and snow coach, many students who were first exposed to ice and snow sports were quickly immersed in the experience of various projects.

“Bringing 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” is a solemn promise that Beijing made to the international community when it joined hands with Zhangjiakou to bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics. Nowadays, taking the opportunity of preparing for the Beijing Winter Olympics, the ice and snow sports “south exhibition, west expansion and eastward advancement” are being implemented. More people participate in ice and snow sports, and the melody of ice and snow is sung in more places.

Beijing Guomao Ice Rink, located in the busy city, has a history of more than 20 years. At noon, many nearby office workers often come together to relax. The ice rink is also a paradise that children yearn for, and it is also a beautiful scenery for children carrying school bags to practice skating after school. Ning Fang, who came to the ice rink as a figure skating coach in 2018, is very touched. “There are more and more people who love skating.” According to reports, the current passenger flow of the ice rink has returned to the level of 2019, with more than 10 per week. A teenager regularly followed her to practice figure skating.

Jilin is rich in ice and snow resources, and ice and snow sports are popular among the masses. In recent years, the province has vigorously carried out the “Ice and Snow Sports Entering Schools” activity, and there are currently 557 schools with characteristics of ice and snow sports. Hu Renyou, director of the Sports, Health and Art Education Division of the Education Department of Jilin Province, said that ice and snow sports are full of charm and are deeply loved by children. In order to make ice and snow sports sing the “Four Seasons Song”, many primary and secondary schools in the province also offer roller skating and cross-country roller courses. “The similarity between these projects and ice and snow sports is as high as 70% or more, and can be carried out as an alternative project when there is no ice or snow.” Hu Renyou said.

Sports develops “youth style” to attract more teenagers.

Recently, the first Shanghai Youth Ski Open ended successfully. In the competition, an indoor ski simulator was used to replace the ski trails, and 150 contestants competed fiercely. It is worth mentioning that all the 8 referees of this tournament are referees above the first level, including 2 national referees. The chief referee Liu Renhui served as the head of the competition in the “Meet in Beijing” alpine skiing series in February.

“In addition to striving for professionalism as referees, we also put a lot of effort into sports display and atmosphere layout, in order to stimulate the youth’s enthusiasm for the game and let them feel a strong sense of ritual.” Shanghai Ice and Snow Said Xu Yue, deputy secretary-general of the Sports Association.

Nowadays, more and more ice and snow professionals are using their professional knowledge and resources to open up new horizons for project promotion. On April 15, the first experimental base of the “Sports Education Integration · Rooting Program” was settled in the Ocean School of Jingshan School in Shijingshan District, Beijing. Li Yan, the chairman of the Chinese Skating Association and the former head coach of the Chinese National Short Track Speed ​​Skating Team, came to the school to teach brand. The “rooting plan” launched this time starts from two levels: one is to publish textbooks such as “Skating Skill Level Standards” and “Skating Coach Tutorial” to standardize skating teaching on campus and help children lay a solid foundation; The “upper level” competition system has established the National Skating Inter-School League and the National Skating U Series Inter-School League to provide more opportunities for children who love to skate.

In Li Yan’s view, at the level of mass sports, professionals can do a lot of work. “Competitive sports and mass sports are’connected’ at certain levels, which can have the effect of mutually promoting a win-win situation.” In recent years, in order to promote skating, the Chinese Skating Association has done a lot of basic work. Previously, the association helped physical education teachers in Shijingshan District go on ice and snow. Under the guidance of short track speed skating world champion Zhao Nannan, more than 200 physical education teachers have mastered basic skating skills, which has given more help to “Ice and Snow Sports on Campus”.

Li Yan believes that the association should become a bridge between competitive sports and mass sports, sports and education. “I can see the smiling faces of the children, the release of their nature when they participate in sports, and the willpower to get up again after a fall, without measuring the number of gold medals. Our current job is’ The predecessors planted trees, and future generations enjoy the coolness’, which is of greater significance.”

Our reporter Chen Chenxi, Jifang, and Wang Liang