In essence, people currently don’t know what matter is and where its properties come from.

By yqqlm yqqlm

In the past, people interpreted atoms as the basic unit that makes up macroscopic matter, and what kind of properties the atoms have and what they are like The state of existence and the particles that make up the atom are essentially unknown.

People don’t know what the electrons, protons and neutrons in the atom are. As a stable structure, the atom is maintained by what it is. People also don’t know what it is. As the basis of people’s cognition of the material world, how can people correctly recognize the nature of the world? The cognition basis is wrong. People’s cognition of the material world will inevitably produce some phenomena out of thin air to explain material phenomena.

Current natural science theories have become a theory of patchwork phenomena, without realizing that people’s cognitive basis for the material world is wrong.

No one has ever questioned the correctness of this foundation in the past? Under such circumstances, the chaos of the current natural science theories and the serious distortion of people’s way of thinking will inevitably occur. The waste of resources and the useless work done by people are immeasurable!

Due to space issues, the existence of matter and what is matter and the existence of force and the way in which force interacts, I won’t write about it here. I have it in my previous article. Those who are interested can do it. See.